Top 10: Changes I Need to Make

top 10

As soon as I saw this topic I thought, “Huh, this is either going to be super easy with me having to pick through the thousands of things I want to change or hard. Of course, this is depending on how I feel.” Right now, I’m not feeling too bad so let’s jump into this and see what happens. As always, this list is in no particular order except for #1. Number One is one for a reason.

Number 1 – Stop Procrastinating!!!! I was going to say I’m the Queen, but really, let’s be honest, I’m the Goddess of Procrastination. If I have something I should be doing I can find a million other things to do instead. Am I proud of this fact? No, but see below as a case in point.


Oh wait, found another and it has Viggo Mortenson in it! Woo hoo!


Number 2 – I need to exercise. I walk, but not nearly enough. There’s always something else . .  aaaaand we’re back to procrastination. See, how that works??

Number 3 – Writing needs to happen more. Much much more. Like everyday more.

Number 4 – I need to start saving money. Yep, I’ll just leave that right there.

Number 5 – I need to start taking better care of myself. I can say that I’m doing way better, since I named this the Year of Self-Care. I’ve caught up on almost all my doctor’s appointments and even went for the dreaded colonoscopy.

Number 6 – I need to get back to De-Cluttering or Marie Kondo-ing if you will. I was doing pretty good for a while, but dropped off. I need to get back to it so I can finally take the bags of clothes to Good Will.


Number 7 – I need to get myself more organized at work. I have a ton of different events I go to and schools to visit so I need to begin to create a To-Do list at the beginning of every day.  I think this might also keep me focused, since I seem to have a problem with that.

Number 8 – I need to get out more. I always joke that I’m anti-social, but I pretty much am. I’m an introvert and after talking to people all day long I just want to go home and hide. I think it would be better for me to get out at least one evening and one time during the weekend. Probably mentally healthier too.

Number 9 – Have I mentioned I need to stop procrastinating?? Yeah, that. I need to stop that.

Number 10 – Now I’m going to pivot away from me personally. I need to make changes to my Promises Series. I’ve gotten them all back and so many ideas are swimming in my head I can’t wait to jump in and get started. I’ve already rewritten the entire beginning of Dark Promise in my head so I need to sit and put it down.

That’s it for me. Now go over and see what changes Bronwyn thinks she should make. 

Top Ten: Best Purchases Evah!!

top 10

Okay, so, as the header states, this is all about the best ten things we’ve ever purchased. Usually, I say that the list isn’t in any order, but this time it is . . . sort of. The top two purchases are where they need to be because, of the best purchases, these are the best of the best. EVAH!

In the #1 spot is my baby kitten Maeve! She just turned 4, if you can believe it. And I can honestly say I do not know what I’d do without her.

IMG_0871Even when she stands in front of the computer and rubs her face on me so I can’t work, I still love her to pieces. I’m kind of iffy when she knocks her water bowl over, but I still love even though I think about kicking her fuzzy butt.

Number 2 is the antibiotics I purchased last night. *face palm* I have a wicked UTI heading into a kidney infection and the pills are amazing. I didn’t care how much I had to pay, I felt that bad. Thankfully, they were only 14.00 and I’m feeling so much better, but, believe me, I would have paid way more.

Number 3 is my laptop. I can’t imagine what I’d do without it. I remember when I began to write on a computer and I thought it was sooooo hard. I needed to write it down first blah blah blah. Oh hell no. Putting pen to paper totally slows me down. Typing is the way to go and my laptop(s) have never failed me. Which leads me to:

Number 4 – Carbonite! If you don’t have it, you need to get it. The software automatically backs up my computer to a mysterious cloud. I will never lose stuff again, which I have done before. I think three laptops ago my computer crashed and it was all gone. All of it. That won’t happen to me now.

Number 5 is my Nook. I love books and have tons of them. Now I can have hundreds at my fingertips. When I go on vacation my luggage isn’t filled with ten to twelve physical books (I have done this before) but I just take my Nook and have hundreds and the ability to buy more right there with me. Magic!!

Number 6 is tickets for Colonial Williamsburg. I love this place! I’ve been three times and could go again tomorrow. I love history and the amazing stories of every day people and this is Williamsburg. The programming is great and the museum is fantastic. If you’ve never been, you should go.


Number 7 is my very first cross stitch pattern. I got it because I thought it would make a great gift for a friend. Oh, and I kind of wanted to teach myself cross stitch. Yeah, see I truly didn’t know what I was doing. Anyway, once I started on the project I loved it. It’s very meditative. Following the pattern, find the color floss required, and making the stitches. I think I’ve made 5 or 6 thing so far and love it so much.

Number 8 are the first books in JD Robb’s In Death series, Nalini Singh’s Archangel and Psy/Changeling series, and Shelly Laurenston’s Pride series. I love these books!! No matter how crummy of a day, all I need to do is pick one of them up and I feel instantly better. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to them all.  Shelly’s especially still make me laugh out loud.

Number 9 is Scott Cunningham’s book Wicca: Guide for the Solitary Practitioner


I believe the book was published in 1988 and was the first book I purchased about paganism. I had been interested before this and looked at the library and read books on the sly at the bookstore. I know I had Tarot cards while in high school since my Mom got them for me for my birthday, but this book truly opened my eyes to a practice I could truly believe in. Though I do not follow Wicca, this was the introduction to who I am today, and almost gave me permission to dive into this religion I felt so connected to.

Number 10 is my home. I love this place. It’s my shelter and my hide away. Sis and I have worked to make it cozy and it never fails to lift me up when I get here. Stepping through the door, it’s as if a weight lifts from my shoulder.

That’s all for me, now go and see what Bronwyn says are her best purchases.

January 2019 Top 10

top 10

This month we are counting down our top 10 children’s books. This is going to be hard for me since I’ve read so many. Between being an elementary school teacher and then holding the title of kids’ lead at B&N my list is endless. I will attempt to give you my top favorites, though these are in no particular order, except the first one.



My very favorite children’s book is: The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  I know I’ve talked about this book before,  but I can’t say enough good things about it. If you’ve never read it I say go and read it right now. I probably have, at least, 6 or 7 different copies as well as an ebook. I can now read it any time I need a pick-me-up



2 is Nancy Drew. I know it’s not a single book, but I love the series. I started reading them when I was probably eight and they remain a favorite.


3 is Skippy Jon Jones. If you’ve never read it you’re missing out. When I was teaching, this was the book my kids wanted me to read to them. I think I read it like thirty times and, not only to my students, but to other classes too.


4 is Harriet the Spy. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve read this book. I loved the idea of her having a “secret” notebook she kept all her observations in. I had a notebook too, but I made up stories. Sort of the same thing.

5 is the Little House books. I didn’t watch the TV show. I didn’t like it, but I loved the books. My favorite was These Happy Golden Years since it was the one where Laura and Almanzo fell in love. *sigh*



6 is the book Auntie Claus, which I purchased when I was teaching. It’s all about children who discover their aunt is Santa’s sister.







7 is Tuesday. This book is so clever and so imaginative. And it has no words, just pictures to tell the story. If you’ve never seen it I highly suggest you check it out.




8 is a Wrinkle in Time. I’ve read this whole series over and over and it never gets old. I also shared it with my students every year I taught.

9 is, of course, Harry Potter. Of course, I was an adult when the first one was published, but I was going into teaching so asked for The Sorcerer’s Stone for Christmas. My sister had never head of it, since the book has come out a few months before, but got it for me anyway.



10 is The Borrowers. If you’ve never heard of the book it’s by an English author and was pubbed in the early 50s. I found the first one in my very tiny school library and instantly fell in love. The novel is all about a family of tiny people who live in the walls of a “human” house. So much fun.




Jessica     Bronwyn     Kris     Siobhan

Top 10: Things that make me cranky

09-Top 10_ Things That Make Me Cranky

Thankfully, we held this to 10 because, believe me, with everything that goes on in the world it could take me days to list all the stuff that pisses me off. As always, this is in no particular order since a number of these vie for #1 at any time. And, hey, if you want tell me what pisses you off, it only seems right you get to share too.

1 Our government – especially the idiot that pretends to be president. The man lies like a flipping rug and really expects everyone to believe him. Now I know there are people who do, and if you’re one, I’m sorry, but quit being so damn gullible. He lies about shit that there’s proof that shows he’s lying. I’m truly afraid he’s going to get us blown up.

2 Privileged white men – yep they piss me off big time. The ones who commit horrible crimes and yet are treated like special princesses like the guy who killed the people in the African American church and the cops stopped to get him food on the way to jail. WTF??!! If he’d have been a person of color there would have been no food, hell I doubt he could have eaten it since I’m sure the cops would have beat him.

3 Men who commit sexual assault – there’s a special place in hell for these guys. Plus anyone who covers for them needs to go down too. Oh and let’s not forget the judges who give some of these asshats (white guys) a pass because “it only happened once and we don’t want to ruin his life”.


As a survivor of sexual assault I can honestly say, I don’t give a good rat’s ass how “ruined” these fuckers are. They deserve to be ruined. They chose to sexually assault someone, no one forced them to, so yeah they deserve the harshest of harsh punishments

*deep breath* Oooookay, wow, that was a hot button topic for me. Anyway

4 People who can’t drive the speed limit. If the sign says 65 please do it. If you can’t, get out of the fast lane! Enough said

5 People who go to the self-check out  lane, but don’t know what the hell they’re doing. O_O Really? If you need that much help go to where they check you out. Do not stand at a station for over twenty minutes trying to ring stuff up so that the attendant has to come and help you constantly. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about and have felt this pain.

6 People who do not take care of their kids. You made the decision to have them. They didn’t beg you, you chose. It is now your responsibility. As my mom always said, “Once you have kids, they come first. End of story. You don’t get to go and do things even if you want to since you now have kids. Grow up.” My mama filled with wisdom.

7 This leads me to the ever present weeping whiny kids. I’m not talking about babies. Or even tiny toddlers. I’m talking about the kids more than old enough to know better. I saw a kid the other day, I bet he was 7 or so. Weeping and whining because he wanted his parents to get him something. Mom and dad ignored and tried to placate. Can I tell you what said mama from the line above would have done if that was me? Oh yeah, we would have left and I’d have gotten it when I got home. Of course, I don’t just blame the kids for this behavior. The parents had a hand in it. If you tell a child that they cannot have something when they go to the store then get them something when they cry you are creating the behavior. So everyone involved needs to go sit in time out.

8 People who steal from others. I’m not just talking about the ones who break into your house, which they deserve to burst into flames. I’m talking about the people who steal entire book plots, songs, movie ideas and try to pass them off as their own. WTF?! once again. If you cannot write without stealing someone else’s work then don’t write. Stop. You are taking someone’s hard work and acting as though you did it. How? How do you live with yourself?? And, if you claim you did it first, came up with it first, just stop that too. No you didn’t. I always know if a song hits big someone is going to pop out that swears he or she wrote the song first. Riiiiiight

9 Political commercials. I think that pretty much says it all.

10 . . . how can we be to 10 already? Damn, apparently there are tons of things that really piss me off. Go figure. Okay, so the 10th thing that pops into my head are the panhandlers that hang out at traffic lights begging for money. I know, very well, some of them, a very few, may be legitimate, but for the most part they’re scammers. I know one guy who shows up at the same freeway exit every day. Then one day he popped up with some girl and a dog. The dog was to get sympathy, but let me tell you the dog was clean and well fed. There was another guy who did this until one of the news channels caught him getting into a really nice car at the end of the day.  So, yeah, fake. The ones who really piss me off the most are the people who claim they are veterans. The news chased one of these guys too until he had to finally admit he wasn’t a veteran. Yuck!

Wow, so there you have it, the top 10 things that make me cranky, piss me off, and make me want to kick a trashcan over. Check out what makes the other bloggers cranky and let me know what ticks you off big time.

Jessica    Bronwyn



Top 10: Places I want to visit before I die

08-Top 10_ Places I Want to See Before I Die

First, can you believe August is almost over?? I know! Crazy, right? Anyway, as always, with these lists they are in no particular order BUT #1 is my #1 place. If you’ve been here before you all know where and what it is.

1    Hadrian’s Wall!! Yes!!


2 Chalice Well and the Tor in Glastonbury

download20151021 Glastonbury Tor Jim Elliott

3 The Grand Canyon – I’ve flown over it, which was amazing, but I want to see it up close.

4 Scotland – as much as I can anyway. Since, you know, it’s really big


5 The Outer Banks – a place I’m fairly close to, but have never been. Sis and I keep talking about it, but we never make it

6 Niagara Falls – another place we talk about going. Oh and they have tons of wineries around the area. Win Win!


7 Ireland – Sis has gone, but I’d love to see Giants Causeway and Blarney Castle and the billion others sites there


8  Stonehenge – so basically I want to go to England and travel around


9 All the Smithsonian museums. I’ve been to a few and had to run through those since I was under a time crunch. I want to spend days wandering through the museums and looking at all the exhibits

10 Japan – I’ve wanted to go here for a while, but especially after I saw the Samurai exhibit at the museum I worked at. It was utterly amazing. And, since I worked in the education department, we all had to do a lot of research to get ready for it. That’s what hooked me


Go see where Bronwyn, Jessica, Kris, and Siobhan wish to visit.

July 2018 Top Ten!

07-Top 10_ Things I'd Want if I Were Trapped on a Deserted Island

Welcome to the randomness that is the Wednesday blog. This week is a really awesome top 10 and it’s something that I’ve thought about before. So, here, in no particular order, are the things I’d want/need/require if I were trapped on a deserted island.

First, I’d have to have books. Tons and tons of books. I love to read so what better way to pass the time than reading.


Second, I’d have to have my laptop. I would finally have time to write in quiet so why waste it?

Next, I’d have to have music. I couldn’t survive without it. And have you noticed nowhere on this list is food or a place to sleep. Yeah, a girl has her priorities.

Third, finally, is a comfortable shelter. Like this:


Number 4 a magical kitchen that would just give me food. I can cook, but don’t like to so a kitchen that just makes me food would be a must.

#5 I would want to have my kitten with me. I can’t imagine going anywhere without her.

Six, a hunky man to do all the heavy lifting and such. Oh and to keep the above pool clean. Ummmm, someone like


Huh, is it getting hot in here? *fanning* Anyway, what number am I on???

Seven, I’m on seven. I would want my crafting projects. Especially my knitting and cross stitch. After I’ve written and read, and done whatever with Jason I would love to spend a quiet evening doing cross stitch. And yes, that’s what we all call it.

#8 – A cell phone to call my friends.

Nine is wine! I would want to have yummy wine on my island of pleasure.

And finally, number ten a huge boat so I could bring my sister and friends in to visit.




Top 10: Insecurities

05-Top 10_ Insecurities

Hello and welcome to the randomness that is Wednesday. Wow, this topic is intense. Who the hell picks these things??? I need to tell you my top 10 insecurities? Shit, it’s going to take forever to whittle down the list to just 10. Huh, or maybe it’s just the top 10 insecurities I like to use in my writing? Yeah, I’m sure it’s not that.

Let’s see if I can get to 10 before I quit and crawl into my blanket fort with a book and a glass of wine.  As always, these are in no kind of order.

  1. I won’t be able to ever write again. This is a huge insecurity and it’s dogged me my entire life. Now, has it ever happened? Not really, though I’m still struggling to finish Entangled.  It’s not that I’m not working on the book, it’s the fact that I need to keep making adjustments because it’s just not right.

2. I’ll be 85 and asking people if they want fries with that. Truly, unless you are really wealthy the idea of a huge retirement savings is never going to happen. I have a retirement account, but it’s not nearly what it should be. Hence the worry.

3. My eyes will get so bad I can’t read. I know, what a random worry, but it actually happened to my mom. She also had tons wrong with her eyes too, but this is still a worry of mine. I can’t imagine not being able to read. Or knit or embroider or write or the millions of other things I do.


4. I’ll end up alone. I’m sure this is a worry that many people have, but it’s one of my huge deal things I fret over.

5. I replay stupid shit I’ve done or said all the way back to when I was a kid. I know, crazy, but yeah I do it. I also know this is fairly common, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

6. The feeling that I’ve let someone down or made a major mistake. This will tie me into knots and I have a huge stress response with this. Like I can’t eat, sleep, and end up physically sick. I also get heart palpitations and feel like I can’t breathe.

7. Even at my age, I often don’t feel like a grown-up. In fact, I will look around to see if there’s a more grownup grownup around than me. I think this goes back to the sexual abuse I suffered as a kid. Sometimes, if the situation is intense I just don’t feel old enough or mature enough to handle whatever it is.


8. If people really knew me, they wouldn’t like me. And, this is funny since I don’t put on a new persona when I go out. I’m me, all the time. So, if you don’t like it then there’s nothing I can do for you. This also feeds into no one likes me. This especially happens at work, which is kind of funny since I really only have a few people I’ve connected with. See, weirdness.

9. I’m totally insecure about my weight. I’ve fought it all my life. I’ve been as small as 130 pounds and as large as . . . well I am right now. No matter what’s I’ve weighed or looked like I always find some flaw. Once again, I know this is fairly common, especially with women.

10. Finally, I’m insecure about where I am in life especially at my age. I often think I should be more financially secure or have an amazing relationship or have kids. This is kind of funny since I never wanted kids, ever. I still don’t want kids, but it’s one of those milestones that other women have crossed. So, since I haven’t, then there must be something wrong. I’ve also never been married. Once again, not something I wanted, but it’s another milestone.

So, there they are. Some of my insecurities. If you would like to share some of your own, please feel free.


Top 10 List for April

04-Top 10_ Things I Want Accomplished 10 Years from Now

Welcome to the top 10 list for April. As always, this list is in no particular order and, it could be, there won’t even be 10. Let’s get started and see how this goes.

1. I would, at least, have published another book by then. *eye roll* And, yes, this was a dig at myself for not getting my ass in gear, but seriously . . . I would like to have a solid 10 books published. One book a year sounds doable to me.

2. I want to have my bills paid off all the way. And, maybe, have a new car.


3. I want to go to Scotland and touch Hadrian’s Wall. This has been my dream forever, so I want to be able to look back in 10 years and know that I’ve been there, done that, and have a rock to show for it.


4. I would love to have a solid retirement fund set up. Yeah, I know, boring, but it’s something we all have to think about. Unless I can win the lottery, then, HELL YEAH!!!


5. I would like my book(s) to be on someone’s best seller list. Doesn’t have to be the New York Times (though it would be nice), but I’d like to see someone say it’s a best seller.

6. I’d really like to have taken an Alaskan cruise.


7. Oh and since I’m on a best seller list then I’d like to be making good, consistent money from my books. Go me!

8. I would love to have a handle on my depression and not have it affect me so dramatically.

9. I want to be back in shape and actually making exercise an important part of my life. I think if I can do this, then number 8 might be doable.

10. I know you’ll think this is me being funny, but I really want every room in my house to have a new coat of paint. I say this because I’ve been in this house . . . almost 14 years and there are rooms that still have the original paint the builder put on them. *head hanging in shame* I’ve been busy!! And, if you ask any of my friends, I have a horrible time picking paint colors. I will paint a billion color patches on the walls and finally my friends will start to vote for the color they like best.

And, there you have it, my list of 10 and yay there’s actually 10. Now go check out and see what my amazing friend Bronwyn wishes to accomplish.



03-Top 10_ Best Things in Life

Hello! And welcome to my brand new blog!!! Isn’t it beautiful?? I love it and I love Bronwyn even more since she fixed it up for me. She’s such the bomb-diggity.

Okay, so the very first official post on my new site is a top 10. I love those. As always, they are in no particular order. So, here goes.

  1. My sister. I love her. She’s my best friend, confidante, partner in crime . . . and on and on. I can’t imagine my life without her.


2. My friends. I have the best ones ever. And, no, even if you tell me your friends are better, I will disagree since no, they’re not. Sorry. I have the best ones.

3. My kitten. Maeve is so sweet. See. Sweet.


4. Gardens. I love them. We often travel to visit botanical gardens and we’re currently working to fix up our front yard and make it less yard and more garden. Gardens sooth and relax me.


5. Books!! I love to read and write so yeah, books are a best thing in life ever.

6. Traveling. I love to hit the road with my sister. We’re trying to figure out where our next destination is and the possibilities are endless. I will tell you one of my favorite places is Colonial Williamsburg. Yeah, I know, total geek, but the place is utterly amazing. So much history.


Governor’s Palace

7. Tea. If you know me, then you had to know this would make the list. I love tea as well as going to tea. We have a tea room here in town and Sis and I hit it quite often. In fact, we’ve hooked a lot of our friends into going too. There’s 7 of us going to a Mermaid Tea in April. I cannot wait.

8. Fall. I love fall. The colors, the scents, the hint of crispness in the air. To me, it also signals the start of the holidays, which is a time I love.


9. Crafting. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I’m a jack of all trades, mistress of none when it comes to crafts. I do a little bit of everything from knitting to jewelry making to making my own soap. There’s something so satisfying in making something, anything. And, if I can give it to a friend, that makes it even better.

10. Naps. I don’t think I even need to say more. Naps are the absolute best, especially when it’s raining. Total heaven.

Bronwyn     Jessica    Kris   Siobhan   Torrance