July 2018 Top Ten!

07-Top 10_ Things I'd Want if I Were Trapped on a Deserted Island

Welcome to the randomness that is the Wednesday blog. This week is a really awesome top 10 and it’s something that I’ve thought about before. So, here, in no particular order, are the things I’d want/need/require if I were trapped on a deserted island.

First, I’d have to have books. Tons and tons of books. I love to read so what better way to pass the time than reading.


Second, I’d have to have my laptop. I would finally have time to write in quiet so why waste it?

Next, I’d have to have music. I couldn’t survive without it. And have you noticed nowhere on this list is food or a place to sleep. Yeah, a girl has her priorities.

Third, finally, is a comfortable shelter. Like this:


Number 4 a magical kitchen that would just give me food. I can cook, but don’t like to so a kitchen that just makes me food would be a must.

#5 I would want to have my kitten with me. I can’t imagine going anywhere without her.

Six, a hunky man to do all the heavy lifting and such. Oh and to keep the above pool clean. Ummmm, someone like


Huh, is it getting hot in here? *fanning* Anyway, what number am I on???

Seven, I’m on seven. I would want my crafting projects. Especially my knitting and cross stitch. After I’ve written and read, and done whatever with Jason I would love to spend a quiet evening doing cross stitch. And yes, that’s what we all call it.

#8 – A cell phone to call my friends.

Nine is wine! I would want to have yummy wine on my island of pleasure.

And finally, number ten a huge boat so I could bring my sister and friends in to visit.




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