Dangerous Promise

The publishing company that held the rights to Dangerous Promise is no longer open, so the rights have reverted back. I’m in the process of editing the entire Promise Series so I can release them myself. As soon as I have release dates I will let you all know. Thank you!!


Dangerous Promise

A frazzled mother of two, Kate Harris does the best she can trying to balance life, but it’s not easy. Her daughters are her focus, but sometimes she wishes there was more. The more being the hottest man she’d ever danced with while out at a club. But that was the club and has nothing to do with real life.

Grimm is an Ancient and a Hunter. His normal prey is blood-addicted vampires, but now he’s got a new target. He met her one time on a dance floor and can’t get her out of his mind.

When Kate and Grimm meet again, he promises himself he won’t let her go. She doesn’t understand why someone as handsome as him wants to hook up with her. But when their two worlds collide, he’s the only thing standing between her, her children and darkness.