Need the Sun to Break


This month our song is one of my very favorites. It’s James Bay’s Need the Sun to Break. If you haven’t heard it . . . well you are so missing out, let me tell you. So, click this link to listen to the song:

As soon as I thought at the song, one of my favorite couples popped into my head: Spencer and Cara. My bad boy biker and his PdD. So, here they are:


“Spencer, can you come out and talk to someone? She had an appointment with Chad and, of course, he didn’t bother to tell anyone he’d booked it.”

Spencer looked up from cleaning his station and stared at Deanne. Part of him, a huge part wanted to tell her where she could tell the customer to stick her appointment. In fact, why hadn’t Deanne done it herself? Fucking Chad. The guy was useless and now he wasn’t only useless, but still causing problems. He knew he couldn’t have her blow off the customer. It was his shop and, as owner, had to take responsibility.

“I’ll be out in a minute.” He knew he sounded pissed, but couldn’t help it. The day had been going so well too. He’d finished all his appointments and was actually thinking of taking off early.

“Be nice,” Deanne whisper hissed at him. “Chad might have been a total bag of dicks, but that’s not Cara’s problem.”

Right, he thought, so it was his problem. He stepped out into the customer waiting area to find his cousin Deacon and Deanne laughing and talking with someone. The woman looking at the art on the wall turned and smiled at him. Spencer’s heart did a weird flip and he couldn’t quite catch his breath. What the fuck? He really wanted to open his mouth and say something, but he couldn’t manage to do anything, but stand and stare.

She was stunning. Long blonde hair pulled off a small delicate face with huge blue eyes and lips, shit her lips were incredibly. He could imagine himself kissing those lips for days. Sucking on them and teasing them with his tongue.

“Spencer this is Cara.” Deanne’s voice clawed into his brain. “She’s a friend of Holly’s. Cara, this is Spencer. He owns the place.”

The woman stepped up and held out her hand. “Hello, I’ve heard so much about you.”

Spencer forced himself to breath and took her hand. It was small and soft in his large callused grip and he briefly wondered what her hand would feel like stroking his cock. Forcing his mind away from that thought, he cleared his throat.

“So, Deanne said you had an appointment.”

Yeah, great job asshole. You sound like you can’t string two words together. Get it together.

“Holly recommended your shop and somebody booked me with Chad. This was only going to be a consult, but now I find out he’s not here.”

“Chad doesn’t work here anymore,” Spencer said, not wanting to add that the fuckhole had tried to steal from him. Yeah, Spencer put a stop to that.

Deacon shook his head. “That asshole. Good riddance. You’re lucky you don’t have to deal with him.”

“Is there a way I can talk to someone else or maybe make another appointment? I’ve never done this before so I really don’t know it works.”

“I can try and clear my calendar,” Deacon said.

“No,” Spencer found himself saying. “why don’t you come back to my station and we can talk.” He glanced over his shoulder at Deanne. “Hold my calls.”

Yeah, okay, he really shouldn’t do this. His calendar was booked close to six months out, but he couldn’t let this woman leave. Wouldn’t let her leave. Even though she was so far out of his league it was like she lived on another planet. None of that stopped him. He wanted to sit and talk to her. Breath her in, since she smelled so fucking good. And, why did it seem that Deacon and Deanne knew her? He knew he would have remembered meeting her.

“So, do you have ideas about the kind of tattoo you want?” he asked, forcing his brain back into business mode.

“I wasn’t sure how this worked, so I brought some pictures with me.” She pulled a sheath of papers out of her purse and laid them on the table between them. “I don’t know if someone copied them. I wasn’t sure.”

He opened the papers and found a mixture of photo copies and scribbled drawings. Not very good scribbled drawings.

“Did you do these?”

She blushed and nodded. “It’s horrible, I know.”

“What’s it supposed to be?” He hated to ask her, but his four-year-old nephew’s art was better.

“It was my attempt at drawing snapdragons. Deanne suggested it might be better to bring pictures so I printed those out.”


“Yes, I love them and they mean new beginnings. I thought it would be appropriate since I just graduated and am getting ready to start a new job.”

Graduated? Spencer almost cursed out loud. There was no way she could be only twenty-two, right? Fuck, if she was then she was definitely not someone he could get involved with. He was thirty-four and couldn’t imagine being with someone twelve years his junior.

“So, what did you major in?” he asked.

“Major? Oh, no,” she said, smiling again. “I just finished my Ph.D. in mathematics.”

Ph.D. Yeah, she was way, way, way out of his league. Somehow though, he didn’t care. He wanted to get to know this woman so much better.


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Familiar Face


Welcome!! Our prompt this month is awesome. I’ve been waiting for it very impatiently. Instead of it being dialogue or a few lines, it’s actually a situation we’re writing to. The prompt says: You’re in an interrogation room. A man walks in and throws a bunch of photographs on the table in front of you. The photos are old and taken at different points in history. You’re in each one. He demands to know who you are.

So, here we go:


Detective Jason Davis walked into the interrogation room and stared hard at the man sitting at the table. He didn’t know his name, but he certainly knew his face. High cheek bones, up-tilted eyes, long patrician nose, and full lips. Shit, no, not full lips. Couldn’t think of him like that. He was a suspect . . . or something. Jason just didn’t know quite what yet.

The man looked up and raised one eye brow. Green. The man had pure green eyes. The pictures hadn’t shown that. It also hadn’t shown the bronze skin and white gold hair. Worn longer, Jason thought, unlike the pictures.

“So, are you going to tell me why I’m here or am I supposed the guess?”

The man’s rich baritone filled the room and it took everything in Jason to stop the shiver. Gritting his teeth, he tossed the small stack of images on the table so they spilled across the surface. The man didn’t look at them, but continued to watch Jason.

“Would you care to explain?” Jason asked.

Carefully, the man spread the images out so he could, presumably, study each one. He didn’t betray anything as he looked each picture over then calmly moved it aside. He did this until all eleven pictures were back in a small stack.

“They’re old photos.”

Jason wondered if the accent he had was fake. If almost sounded like the Wakandan accent from Black Panther, but he wouldn’t swear to it. Instead of asking, Jason sat across from the man who had captured his interest almost a year ago. Was it legal for him to bring the guy into interrogation? Probably not. Jason really didn’t have any proof he’d committed a crime. He just knew something was off. Way off.

“The first photo was taken about 1842,” Jason said. “The last about twenty years ago. So, Mr. Jackson, can you explain to me, how you’re in every single picture.”

“Kael,” he finally spoke. “My name is Kael.”

“I don’t see that in any records I have.:

Jason shuffled through the paperwork in front of him, knowing that name wasn’t in any of it. He knew because he had done extensive research on the man across from him. Extensive? Okay, obsessive. He’d done obsessive research. It was as if he couldn’t stop himself. There was something about the man that Jason found compelling. Every time he told himself to stop. To put it away. He couldn’t. He wouldn’t. No matter what, Jason had to know, to understand.

Kael folded his massive arms and leaned back in the chair. The piece of furniture groaned audibly, but the man sitting in it didn’t seem to notice or care.

“You have nothing to hold me,” he finally spoke. “I haven’t committed a crime.”

He rose to go, but Jason shot his hand out to grip the man’s wrist. The first thing he noticed was the jolt he received from touching Kael. Jason knew it wasn’t physical, per se, like a lightning strike, but emotional. He immediately got hard. And that never happened. He was an adult male and had control over his body. This man though . . .

Looking down he saw his dark skin next to Kael’s much lighter bronze hue and wondered if he was that color all over. Fuck, he had to stop.

Kael didn’t shake his arm off. Instead, he placed his hand over Jason’s and it was as if Kael had grabbed his cock. Shit, it took everything he had not to moan.

Kael smiled and retook his seat. Jason wasn’t sure what the man had seen . . . sensed, whatever, but Jason was glad he stayed. Because he was right. Jason didn’t have a damn thing to hold him. Hell, if anyone found out he’d asked this man to come in and used the interrogation room he’d probably be fired.

“The pictures,” Kael said. “How did you find them?”

“This one is from my mom’s side of the family.” Saying this, Jason pulled an image from 1885 out of the stack. He knew all about it. He’d studied it as for years. The picture had hung from his grandmother’s wall and Jason was captivated the first time he’d seen it. The image wasn’t anything special, just four white men standing in place dressed in suits. Jason’s grandfather was the second from the left. An unassuming man in a suit. He wasn’t who captured Jason’s attention. It was the man at the far right. The tall, built man with the cheekbones and mouth who had captured his attention. His imagination. His daydreams and, as a boy, wet dreams. Now, here he sat, bigger than life.

“I wanted to know who the men were,” Jason finally said. “So, I did research. And the more I dug, the more I wanted to know. It took me about ten years, but I found all the pictures and now here you are. In the flesh.”

Kael smiled. “Here I am. And you’re curious?”


“No one will believe anything I tell you.”

“I don’t care. I don’t care about anyone else.”

Kael leaned forward and grasped Jason’s wrists in his hands. “There are things in this world that you’re safer not knowing. Though, since you made it this far, I can assume you won’t stop.”

Jason didn’t say anything, but just watched Kael and waited. He had to know.

Finally, Kael nodded. “For millennium, evil has tried to gain an advantage on this planet. It wants humans, needs humans. And, for millennium, those of us who oppose the dark fight. Not all the time. In fact, the last major battle was perhaps four or five thousand years ago. After that have been skirmishes, but nothing major. That’s changed. Evil is rising.”

“That still doesn’t explain the pictures. You.”

Kael nodded. “Yes, it does. I’m a vampire and I have lived for thousands of years fighting the dark.” Saying this, the man opened his mouth and his incisors grew into fangs. Jason blinked his eyes and tried to pull away, but Kael held him.

“Evil is coming Jason. My sire is rising and all I can think about is how delicious you smell. And how very much I want to drink from your vein and fuck you.”


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August Apocalypse


Destroyed tenement house

Welcome to September’s photo prompt. Hopefully, you’ll like the very short piece I wrote for the above image. It was literally the first idea that popped into my head so I went with it.


Dark clouds hung low as a haze blanketed the area. Crumbling buildings and abandoned cars were all she could see. She wasn’t sure what had caused the devastation, but she knew she wasn’t safe. She eased out from the shattered window of a diner and searched the area. They were coming. She knew that. They always came and when they did she would run. Damn, she was so sick of running. Over and over. Maybe this time everything would be right then she could rest. She hoped so.

Seeing movement, she darted from her hiding place and ran down the dust strewn street. They were coming and they were fast. Hideous shambling caricatures of people who should be dead, but weren’t. They never were, not in this place.

Glancing over her shoulder, she saw one gaining and screamed. And screaming she began to weep.

“Please, please,” she yelled as she tripped over nothing.

She rolled to her back as the first zombie was on her. She kicked out, just catching him on the shin. Instead of staggering back, he screamed and clutched his leg, falling to the ground.

What the fuck!

“Cut!” a voice yelled out.

Kelly rolled her eyes, as the director rushed across the fake street, in the fake burned out city.

“What the hell is your problem?” he yelled at the zombie.

“She kicked me.”

“I didn’t kick him that hard,” she said, scrambling up off the ground. “Fuck, I barely touched him. He acts like I broke his leg.”

“Reset,” the director yelled then turned to the sobbing zombie. “We’re on take fifteen and you can’t even run down the street. What is your problem.”

As the two began to argue, Kelly moved to the side and grabbed a water. It was going to be a very long day.


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Top 10: Places I want to visit before I die

08-Top 10_ Places I Want to See Before I Die

First, can you believe August is almost over?? I know! Crazy, right? Anyway, as always, with these lists they are in no particular order BUT #1 is my #1 place. If you’ve been here before you all know where and what it is.

1    Hadrian’s Wall!! Yes!!


2 Chalice Well and the Tor in Glastonbury

download20151021 Glastonbury Tor Jim Elliott

3 The Grand Canyon – I’ve flown over it, which was amazing, but I want to see it up close.

4 Scotland – as much as I can anyway. Since, you know, it’s really big


5 The Outer Banks – a place I’m fairly close to, but have never been. Sis and I keep talking about it, but we never make it

6 Niagara Falls – another place we talk about going. Oh and they have tons of wineries around the area. Win Win!


7 Ireland – Sis has gone, but I’d love to see Giants Causeway and Blarney Castle and the billion others sites there


8  Stonehenge – so basically I want to go to England and travel around


9 All the Smithsonian museums. I’ve been to a few and had to run through those since I was under a time crunch. I want to spend days wandering through the museums and looking at all the exhibits

10 Japan – I’ve wanted to go here for a while, but especially after I saw the Samurai exhibit at the museum I worked at. It was utterly amazing. And, since I worked in the education department, we all had to do a lot of research to get ready for it. That’s what hooked me


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The best thing I read this summer


Wow, what an intense question, right? To pick the one single best book I read this summer. To say I read a lot, is putting it mildly. And I read a lot of different genres, including quite a bit of nonfiction. So, to have to pick just one book . . . yeah . . . here goes. And, really, I’m going to TRY to keep it to just one book. *snicker* NOT!

One of my favorite authors ever, Nalini Singh, published Ocean Light. The next book in her Psy/Changeling series. I love this series so much. I’ve read it a bunch and can’t even tell you how many times I’ve listened to it. I love the characters and how each story fits together, like a puzzle. She’s amazing at plotting huge arcs.


If you’ve never read any of her books you are so missing out. I’d suggest you run out right now and start this series as well as her Archangel series. So much awesome.

The next book, I told you I couldn’t pick one, is Shelly Laurenston’s newest Hot and Badgered. I love her Pride series and, like Nalini’s books, I’ve read and listened to them over and over. This book, just as her others, is so funny and has many of the characters from her Pride Series, so win win.


I’ve read a ton of other books, but these are the two that really stick out for me. Now, go and see what book(s) Bronwyn, Jessica and Paige chose.



Promptly Penned – August 2018 Edition


Last month I wrote a short piece about Shay and Josie. This month I decided to use them again since the prompt is so awesome and totally reminds me of the two women. Hope you enjoy it. Oh and the prompt is in bold in the flash.


Shay limped through the darkened woods as she picked leaves out of her hair. The week had gone from shit to totally fucked up. Check out fake haunted house, no problem. Instead, the home owners hadn’t waited for them to show up and had employed a “ghost hunting” team. Dumb fucks. All of them. The home owners for not waiting and the Ghost Dusters or whatever they called themselves for somehow opening a portal into another dimension. A dimension with demons. Demons who had come right on in, slaughtered everyone in the house, and left.

Fuck. The agency had scrambled the major teams, but Shay knew it wasn’t going to do any good. The demons were strong, far stronger than anything they had faced before. And, now, for some reason, humans were helping the demons. Double fuck.

She didn’t realize she’d spoken aloud until Josie said, “You know you should be a little more thankful. I saved your life back there.”

Shay stopped and stared at her best friend “You pushed me off a cliff.”

“Don’t be a baby. It was just a little cliff.”

She rolled her eyes ad started walking again. Josie jogged to keep up with her.

“Why would humans help those things?”

Shay shrugged. “Why do humans do anything? Most of them are self-centered fuck heads who only care about themselves. They think they’re special. I’m sure the demons promised them all kinds of stuff.”

“Now what? We both know nothing we or anyone else does is going to stop this. We’re just not strong enough.”

“Obviously, since I didn’t fly when you shoved me off a cliff.”

“Oh my gosh, are you going to keep harping on that.”

Shay thought for a long moment. “Yes, I believe I am. Or, at least, until I can shove you off a cliff.”

“Quit being a baby. This is serious.”

“So is me dying from a fall from a cliff.”

The two women walked in silence as the sun began to set. The trees threw odd shadows around them and it took everything in Shay to stop a shiver. There was nothing out there. Both of their senses as well as Josie’s gadgets would have sounded an alarm. Still she was afraid and it wasn’t a feeling she was used to. They’d never come across something they couldn’t handle. This time, though, this time it was so far beyond their pay grade it wasn’t funny.

“We need help,” Shay said.

“Dude, two demons devoured the top team at the agency. We don’t have anyone to call. Unless you know Aquaman and Batman personally. And if you do, I call Jason Momoa.”

“In your dreams, Jason Momoa is mine. You owe me for throwing me off a cliff.”

“I did not throw you, drama queen, I gave you a small push. To save your stupid life. Next time I won’t bother.”

“Yes, you will, you love me, I’m your best friend.”

“So, who’s helping us?” Josie prompted.

“I’m not sure. We need to send out a calling and hope we get an answer.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Shay stopped and stared at the woman who was closer than a sister. They shared everything with each other, everything but Shay’s family.

“I come from an unbroken line of powerful witches. I can trace my ancestors back to the Picts in Scotland.”

Josie stared at her for a long moment and burst into laughter. “Oh my gosh, you almost had me. Powerful witches. Yeah, so who, Samantha Stevens? Can you fly on a broom?”

Shay placed her hands on her hips and stared at her best friend. Stared until Josie stopped laughing. Stared until Josie looked away.

“You’re serious?”

Shay nodded. “And this is why I never told you. There was no point. My family is gone. I’m the last of the line. My mother died before fully training me. But, right now, I can’t think of anything else.”

Josie nodded. “Okay, so what do we do?”

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