Top 10: Places I want to visit before I die

08-Top 10_ Places I Want to See Before I Die

First, can you believe August is almost over?? I know! Crazy, right? Anyway, as always, with these lists they are in no particular order BUT #1 is my #1 place. If you’ve been here before you all know where and what it is.

1    Hadrian’s Wall!! Yes!!


2 Chalice Well and the Tor in Glastonbury

download20151021 Glastonbury Tor Jim Elliott

3 The Grand Canyon – I’ve flown over it, which was amazing, but I want to see it up close.

4 Scotland – as much as I can anyway. Since, you know, it’s really big


5 The Outer Banks – a place I’m fairly close to, but have never been. Sis and I keep talking about it, but we never make it

6 Niagara Falls – another place we talk about going. Oh and they have tons of wineries around the area. Win Win!


7 Ireland – Sis has gone, but I’d love to see Giants Causeway and Blarney Castle and the billion others sites there


8  Stonehenge – so basically I want to go to England and travel around


9 All the Smithsonian museums. I’ve been to a few and had to run through those since I was under a time crunch. I want to spend days wandering through the museums and looking at all the exhibits

10 Japan – I’ve wanted to go here for a while, but especially after I saw the Samurai exhibit at the museum I worked at. It was utterly amazing. And, since I worked in the education department, we all had to do a lot of research to get ready for it. That’s what hooked me


Go see where Bronwyn, Jessica, Kris, and Siobhan wish to visit.

13 thoughts on “Top 10: Places I want to visit before I die

  1. Love that there is so much of the UK in here! I live here and definitely take it for granted and take every opportunity to leave. Your list has inspired me to make more of an effort in my country! If you do come to the UK don’t miss out Edinburgh! Best city on earth. X

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  2. I”ve been to Niagara Falls a bunch of times, and it’s so pretty. In the winter, it freezes. Not always completely, but the odd time. And yeah, we have lots in common. I think we all need to go to the UK and Ireland!


    • Okay!! You say when and I’ll be ready. I’m actually going to start putting money aside so I can go. If I win the lottery that’s the first thing I’m going to spend my money on.


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