Top 10: Things that make me cranky

09-Top 10_ Things That Make Me Cranky

Thankfully, we held this to 10 because, believe me, with everything that goes on in the world it could take me days to list all the stuff that pisses me off. As always, this is in no particular order since a number of these vie for #1 at any time. And, hey, if you want tell me what pisses you off, it only seems right you get to share too.

1 Our government – especially the idiot that pretends to be president. The man lies like a flipping rug and really expects everyone to believe him. Now I know there are people who do, and if you’re one, I’m sorry, but quit being so damn gullible. He lies about shit that there’s proof that shows he’s lying. I’m truly afraid he’s going to get us blown up.

2 Privileged white men – yep they piss me off big time. The ones who commit horrible crimes and yet are treated like special princesses like the guy who killed the people in the African American church and the cops stopped to get him food on the way to jail. WTF??!! If he’d have been a person of color there would have been no food, hell I doubt he could have eaten it since I’m sure the cops would have beat him.

3 Men who commit sexual assault – there’s a special place in hell for these guys. Plus anyone who covers for them needs to go down too. Oh and let’s not forget the judges who give some of these asshats (white guys) a pass because “it only happened once and we don’t want to ruin his life”.


As a survivor of sexual assault I can honestly say, I don’t give a good rat’s ass how “ruined” these fuckers are. They deserve to be ruined. They chose to sexually assault someone, no one forced them to, so yeah they deserve the harshest of harsh punishments

*deep breath* Oooookay, wow, that was a hot button topic for me. Anyway

4 People who can’t drive the speed limit. If the sign says 65 please do it. If you can’t, get out of the fast lane! Enough said

5 People who go to the self-check out  lane, but don’t know what the hell they’re doing. O_O Really? If you need that much help go to where they check you out. Do not stand at a station for over twenty minutes trying to ring stuff up so that the attendant has to come and help you constantly. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about and have felt this pain.

6 People who do not take care of their kids. You made the decision to have them. They didn’t beg you, you chose. It is now your responsibility. As my mom always said, “Once you have kids, they come first. End of story. You don’t get to go and do things even if you want to since you now have kids. Grow up.” My mama filled with wisdom.

7 This leads me to the ever present weeping whiny kids. I’m not talking about babies. Or even tiny toddlers. I’m talking about the kids more than old enough to know better. I saw a kid the other day, I bet he was 7 or so. Weeping and whining because he wanted his parents to get him something. Mom and dad ignored and tried to placate. Can I tell you what said mama from the line above would have done if that was me? Oh yeah, we would have left and I’d have gotten it when I got home. Of course, I don’t just blame the kids for this behavior. The parents had a hand in it. If you tell a child that they cannot have something when they go to the store then get them something when they cry you are creating the behavior. So everyone involved needs to go sit in time out.

8 People who steal from others. I’m not just talking about the ones who break into your house, which they deserve to burst into flames. I’m talking about the people who steal entire book plots, songs, movie ideas and try to pass them off as their own. WTF?! once again. If you cannot write without stealing someone else’s work then don’t write. Stop. You are taking someone’s hard work and acting as though you did it. How? How do you live with yourself?? And, if you claim you did it first, came up with it first, just stop that too. No you didn’t. I always know if a song hits big someone is going to pop out that swears he or she wrote the song first. Riiiiiight

9 Political commercials. I think that pretty much says it all.

10 . . . how can we be to 10 already? Damn, apparently there are tons of things that really piss me off. Go figure. Okay, so the 10th thing that pops into my head are the panhandlers that hang out at traffic lights begging for money. I know, very well, some of them, a very few, may be legitimate, but for the most part they’re scammers. I know one guy who shows up at the same freeway exit every day. Then one day he popped up with some girl and a dog. The dog was to get sympathy, but let me tell you the dog was clean and well fed. There was another guy who did this until one of the news channels caught him getting into a really nice car at the end of the day.  So, yeah, fake. The ones who really piss me off the most are the people who claim they are veterans. The news chased one of these guys too until he had to finally admit he wasn’t a veteran. Yuck!

Wow, so there you have it, the top 10 things that make me cranky, piss me off, and make me want to kick a trashcan over. Check out what makes the other bloggers cranky and let me know what ticks you off big time.

Jessica    Bronwyn



One thought on “Top 10: Things that make me cranky

  1. I am so with you – especially on 1-3, but every time I tried typing things out, my blood pressure got too high, and I was like, nope…you’re not going here, today. ❤ Thank you for going there, Gwen.


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