My Favorite Things


This week on the blogs we’re talking about our favorite things . . . about ourselves. As the post told us, it’s so easy to talk about what we don’t like about ourselves, so today we need to chat about what we like.  This is so hard for me, since, yeah, I could list all the things I don’t like all day long. So, here goes:

The first thing I like about myself is my sense of humor. I’m a bit quirky and can be sarcastic, but I’m also pretty fast off the mark. I like to make people laugh and I like to laugh. In fact, laughing so hard I cry is one of my favorite things.


I love to learn. I read tons of nonfiction books on everything from Bellevue hospital to the history of cancer. I like to know things and, sometimes, what I learn will bring about a good idea for a book. So, two birds and all that.

I think I have pretty skin. I’ve always taken care of it since I was a child and now anyone that finds out my age automatically says, “You do not look your age.” And, I think that has to do with my smooth skin, but it also had to do with the fact that I don’t “act” my age either. I always say on a good day, I’m about 12 and a half.  I’m good with it, though.

I think I write really well. I love the ideas I come up for books, I love my characters, and the dialogue I write.  I also think I can write humor and I often make myself laugh.


This took me about an hour and a half to write. The struggle is real people. Before I get a headache, I will end this, but say it was a good idea. I’m so quick to find fault with myself, so this made me sit and really think. In the end, I will say that I love myself.

Bronwyn   Deelylah



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