3 Things I wished I’d learned much earlier in life

Huh, so I have to keep this to three things? Jeez, there’s like a boat-load of stuff I wish I’d known sooner. For instance, when you reach 30 you still don’t know shit. I really thought that when I reached 30 I would just know things. Like what I wanted in life and where I was heading. Yeah, that so wasn’t the case.

Okay so the first of the big top three is money management. I was a child of the 70s  and parents didn’t think about stuff like that. I had no clue how to handle money. I wasn’t the kid who said “just write a check” when Mom said there was no money, but I didn’t do a good job. I wasn’t a saver and didn’t know how to be. I’m paying for it now, but lessons learned painfully are lessons that stick.

The next thing is self-care is so damn important. The reason we hear about it so much is that it didn’t happen before. Hello, 70s. We didn’t even have seatbelts. Forget about putting yourself first and focusing on what you need. Hell no. That wasn’t a thing. I’ve come to realize over my Year of Self-Care that first, I’m horrible at it and next it’s not something I can do for a year. It needs to be a concerted effort on my part all the time. It’s taken me forever to realize this, but hey, better late than never.

Finally, and this is kind of funny, but nonfiction books are awesome. I never read them. I thought they were boring. Then I read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and Devil in the White City and I was hooked. Now, I probably read nonfiction more than I read anything else. Mary Roach really sealed the deal. I think it was her book Spook that made me realize that nonfiction doesn’t have to be dry or boring. Her stuff is so funny, while still educating.

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Best lesson I’ve learned . . .



This week our topic is the best lesson we’ve learned from a work of fiction. Truthfully, the very first book that popped into my head was Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. My lesson: don’t be all sweet and self-sacrificing because you’ll die early, just like Beth. You laugh, but I remember reading this book at maybe 9 or so and I just didn’t like Beth. She was just too goody-goody for me. Then, like that, she died. So, yeah, no being good for me.

That was only reinforced with The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The main girl, Mary, was a total brat and I loved her. First, she didn’t die. Then, she got to go live in a huge house, make friends, and hang out in a secret garden. Bam! Being a brat totally paid off for her. To this day, TSG is still my favorite book of all time.

Another book was Jane Eyre. Lesson: don’t fall for some brooding man who lives in a crumbling house because he’ll have a mad wife locked in the attic. So, yeah that one saved me from heartache and the possibility of dying tragically.

Truly, the real lesson is don’t believe everything someone tells you. Rochester totally lied to her about his wife. Jerk. Oh then he had the nerve to ask her to run away with him and pretend to be his wife. Assface. In the end, he’s blind and sad and she goes back to him. Uhhh, no. Once a liar always a liar.


In the midst of reading the classics I was also reading romance novels. Romance novels written in the 70s. Yeah if you don’t know what special little snowflakes these books were, you so have to check them out. Young virgin heroine, much older “hero” who treats her horrible and often rapes her then proclaims in the end that he’d always loved her. Bleck!!  From reading these books, I learned my most valuable lesson and it was:

I can write better than this!

Yep, that was it. Even at 12 I realized I could write way better than what I was reading. In fact, as I read, I was rewriting the book in my head to the way it should have been. Strong, older heroines. Alpha males who loved and cherished their partners. Action and adventure they took on as a team.

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Behind the Scenes of my Current Project

Hello! And welcome to Behind the Scenes. I was going to find some kind of fancy art to pop up here, but nothing I found did it for me. I was looking for some kind of curtain and peeking and whatever. So, yeah, there’s that.  What I can share is the cover to the book I’m working on.

So, I’ve been working on this book FOREVER!! Forever enough that a cover was already created. My amazing artist friend and fellow author Kris Norris created this beauty for me and I love it today as much as I love it when she first sent it to me. Here it is:

entangled cover

So much awesome!! I wish I could tell you I have a cover blurb, but I don’t have one of those either. I can give you a brief synopsis of what the book is about.

Rowan Haggerty is a retired government agent who really didn’t want to be retired. But after one of her own peeps tried to kill her she really had no choice. She reconnects with her friend Keller Montgomery, who works for the Vitala Senate. The Vitala are a race of beings who are, sort of, like vampires, but there’s no lurking in cemeteries or turning into bats.

Rowan is living in the middle of nowhere when she stumbles upon three Vitala being held against their will. There are two men and a child. She rescues the child and the chase is on. People are after her and the kid and she doesn’t know why.

She hooks up with the kid’s dad and his second, Vlad and Sergei, and the sparks fly. The three of them are trying to work through a relationship as well as figure out who is trying to kill them.

And there we go. I have over 66k written and I am slowly working my way through it to the end. I will finish this book. This year. I’d like to finish it before my birthday (June 1) and I think it’s totally doable. I got this.

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Looking back & Moving forward


Here we are at the start of another year. I can honestly say I’m really glad 2018 is gone. It wasn’t the best year on record. The depression, an ever present thing, was more present than ever. My day job was a total bear at times and my writing was non-existent.

BUT . . . that was 2018.

2019 is totally different. It is The Year of Self Care! If you wanna know more about this check out the blog post from Tuesday and it will tell you all about it. Anyway, as it is the Year of Self Care part of that will be taking my writing back. I had decided on this right after Christmas. In preparation, I was going to email the publishing house that held my Promises Series and ask for it back. There were changes and additions and fixes I wanted to make and, to do this, I needed to own it again.

The universe must have heard because when I went out to the site they had closed up shop. I was stunned as I hadn’t received a notice about it. I checked in with Bronwyn and she hadn’t heard about it either, but she suggested I check in with them to make sure my books were now mine again.

Yes they are!!!!! This totally kicks off the Year of Self Care with a vengeance. So, this year I am going to work to get the books released again, plus finish, at least, 2 other books. I know big goals, but that’s what this year is about. I’m also going to blog every time. I always say I’m going to “try” to blog, but yeah like Yoda says “Do or do not, there is no try.” So smart.

I’m also going to be more present and take better care of myself. I’m going to put me first. I know, scary concept. But this whole thing is one day at a time.

Tell me what your goals for the new year are and go out and see what Jessica, Kris and Bronwyn say is their goals.

If you could win a lifetime supply of anything what would you choose? Why?


Can you guess what I’d choose?? Let me try again


Or even better


If you guessed money, you’d be so right!!! And why?? Well duh. Money. If I had a lifetime supply of money I could do all the things. Pay off all my bills, travel, help my besties out. Oh and not have to work an outside job. I could actually focus totally on writing. That would be so amazing.

So, what would you like to win a lifetime supply of? Tell me down in the comments. Oh and go check out what the other fabulous bloggers have to say on the topic.

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Packing to hit the road


Our question today is really great. If you could pack up and go on vacation today where would you be off to?

The answer really depends on how I’m getting to my chosen vacation spot. If I’m driving then my answer would probably be Colonial Williamsburg. Yep, I’m a big old history nerd. I love CW!! It’s so much fun and there’s tons of stuff to see and do. Also, it’s maybe about 10 hours away so not a big deal to drive it.





Those are just a few pics from our last trip. I’ll have new ones to post in the next few months since we’re off to CW again!! Can’t wait.

Now, if I’m flying and it’s in the continental US then I would go to the Pacific Northwest. I loved Washington State. It was so beautiful!! I’d get a little place on the beach and stay there for about a month. *sigh*


Finally, if I could fly anywhere you already know where I’d go. Scotland!!!!! I’d stay there for about 2 or 3 months so I could go and see everything. Oh, and touch Hadrian’s Wall.

Okay, so really, how could anyone turn Scotland down?And those were just a few amazing pictures I found. I could post the pic of the Wall again . . . Oh hell why not


*sigh* I love it! Oh and that’s where I’d go if I could pack up right now and head out. Now go and see where the other bloggers want to go.

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The best thing I read this summer


Wow, what an intense question, right? To pick the one single best book I read this summer. To say I read a lot, is putting it mildly. And I read a lot of different genres, including quite a bit of nonfiction. So, to have to pick just one book . . . yeah . . . here goes. And, really, I’m going to TRY to keep it to just one book. *snicker* NOT!

One of my favorite authors ever, Nalini Singh, published Ocean Light. The next book in her Psy/Changeling series. I love this series so much. I’ve read it a bunch and can’t even tell you how many times I’ve listened to it. I love the characters and how each story fits together, like a puzzle. She’s amazing at plotting huge arcs.


If you’ve never read any of her books you are so missing out. I’d suggest you run out right now and start this series as well as her Archangel series. So much awesome.

The next book, I told you I couldn’t pick one, is Shelly Laurenston’s newest Hot and Badgered. I love her Pride series and, like Nalini’s books, I’ve read and listened to them over and over. This book, just as her others, is so funny and has many of the characters from her Pride Series, so win win.


I’ve read a ton of other books, but these are the two that really stick out for me. Now, go and see what book(s) Bronwyn, Jessica and Paige chose.



If you could indulge in anything, without consequence, what would it be?


Welcome once again to the randomness that is Wednesday. This week the questions is really something I had to think about. I mean, there’s a lot of ways to think about indulgence without consequence. Eating chocolate. Drinking. Not going to work. The possibilities were endless.

So, after much thought, I decided that if money were no object, which to me is indulging without consequence, then I would travel. And if you know anything about me, you know the very first place I’d head would be Hadrian’s Wall in Scotland.


There’s just something about it. I can’t explain it, but I need to touch it.

Another place I’d visit is Chalice Well in Britain


Garden, thought to be Avalon, magic. What’s not to love. And, it’s right near the Glastonbury To. Hello! Convergence of magical energy. I want to be there.

20151021 Glastonbury Tor Jim Elliott

The next place I’d go is The Alhambra in Spain. This was another place I discovered as a kid. I found a book at the library and have wanted to go here. It’s not as big a draw as Hadrian’s Wall, but the place is gorgeous.


If I ever get the chance to have a “money is no object” life, I’ll post tons of pics when I go traveling. Until then, I’ll just keep dreaming and writing.


Bronwyn      Jessica

Songs that Represent Each Decade of My Life


Welcome to the randomness that is Wednesday. Today our amazing question is: If each decade of your life was represented by a song, what would it be? Wow! That’s a tough one since I love music so much. I guess I could go in a few different directions with this but I think I will give you the song that I remember/loved the most from each decade.

Here goes:

Layout 1

This to me was really the defining decade as far a music went. When the 70s first rolled around I was so little, so I don’t remember much. But as the decade went on, my musical tastes changed so quickly. I went from the boy singers like Leif Garrett to really good music such as Led Zeppelin and Bob Seger. I think the song that sticks out the most though, was my very first crush Tony DeFranco and the DeFranco family. I’ve talked about him before in a previous post, but here’s the song (the only song) I remember from them.



I rolled into high school in the 80s and the band that I loved, at the beginning anyway, was Journey. I know, but when you’re 15 they’re the shit. Anyway, I collected all their albums (yes vinyl) and when they went on tour to support Escape I was allowed to see them. Talk about excited. My friend Sherry and I got to go and we were so excited. I still really like this song.



By the 1990s, I was working and going to college. I made some really great friends during this time and most weekends were spent out at the dance clubs. So. Much. Fun. I went to New Orleans and danced on a bar. Hey, the bartender offered free drinks. I also attended my last really big concert. Yeah, I’m an introvert so I hate crowds. Going to concerts is a major overload so I go to see the people who matter. When Nine Inch Nails announced they were touring to support The Downward Spiral album I instantly got a ticket.



The 2000s is when I began to teach. To say that my music choices were a bit angry is putting it mildly. I think I needed the driving, screeching music to get me through. My band was Disturbed and their song Down with the Sickness was the bomb (still is in fact). I have the CD and would often play it as I drove to work. LOL! Yeah, I know. I also heard a lot of music at the school dances. Most of the music wasn’t what I listened to, but I did learn the Soulja Boy dance. Yeah, I know that too. When you teach in an elementary school you do what you have to.


Now we’re up to the last few years. I can’t really tell you what song I’d pick. I don’t really have a group that stands out for me. I can’t even remember the last CD I purchased. Hmmm, maybe Lindsey Stirling. I really like her. And I love the song Hold My Heart, which features ZZ Ward on vocals. Amazing

There are songs that make me turn the radio up like Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You, but nothing that really stands out huge for me. Perhaps if we do this again, I’ll have something more to share. Hopefully, you liked all the songs I shared with you.

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