Wow! Can you believe it’s the last Top 10 of the year? Yeah, me neither and this one is a good one too. We’re listing the Top 10 gifts for writers. As always, they are in no particular order. And, before I start, let me share Wednesday Male Hotness, since I haven’t done it in a while.

Now onto the list

1. Concentration. Yeah, I know it’s not giftable, but this is something I really need. The ability to just sit down and concentrate on the book blocking everything else out.

2. The next impossible gift is once I’m all concentrated on the book, it would just flow out of me. No hesitations. No starting and stopping. Just sit and pour out 5000 words no problem.

3. Money. I wish I had money so that I could just concentrate on writing. Not that I don’t love my day job, I do, but I just wish I could stay home and write. Which leads me to the next gift:

4. Travel. I want to go places to experience them first hand so I can write about them. For instance, Scotland. I would love, love, to go there and set a book there writing it from a prospective of knowledge.

5. I would love my own writing space. Okay, I’d love my own library that could double as a writing space. I don’t necessarily need a desk, just someplace comfy I can sit with my laptop.

6. A writer’s retreat. Someplace I could go and invite my writer pals and we could relax and talk and write. And we could do this as long as we’d like, as often as we’d like.

7. The ability to edit my own work. I do an okay job, since I’m not in love with every single word I write. I don’t imagine that the first draft is Pulitzer Prize material so I don’t find it difficult to cut parts out or move sections or even delete the whole beginning of a book to rewrite it. I just wish I had the ability to look at the piece with the eye of someone who’d never seen it and then spot all the problems.

8. Time management abilities. Because right now it’s almost 10 and I haven’t worked at all on my book, but instead have written this blog post, and looked up pictures, and listened to a book, and cuddled my kitten. You get the idea.

I bet you thought I was going to add a picture of a kitten. Ha! You were wrong.

9. A personal assistant. I’d think a PA would keep me on task, remind me of things I need to do, and supply me with coffee or tea. At least, that’s what I hope a PA would do.

And there he is, my fabulous PA. Yep, working hard and keeping me on task.

10. More time. Because it wouldn’t be almost 10:30 and I’d have more than this blog post written. 

If anyone is able to gift me with just one of my top 10, I would love you forever. I’d even write an amazing kick ass book with you as the hero or heroine. See, that’s love.

Now go and see what Jessica, Bronwyn, Kris, and Paige want as presents. 

5 thoughts on “TOP 10: GIFTS FOR WRITERS

  1. It's Kris… my WordPress ID won't show up, but that's okay….

    I WANT EVERYTHING ON YOUR LIST. The PA…. fo sure. That one. Right there. And the more time. (Hence my wish for a clone). I hope to eventually get to Scotland or Ireland to run a multi day race. 🙂 You could join me 🙂


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