The topic today is: A genie grants you 3 wishes for your writing career – what are they and why.

And don’t we wish it was just that easy?!! Anyway, if I could have 3 wishes for my writing career they would be:

1. I wish that I was able to just sit and write. And this doesn’t mean, I need time. No, it means that when I sit with the computer I don’t “discover’ a million other things to do. Perhaps, it would be easier if I didn’t have the evil Internet, which offers up such wonders as kitty videos and sites to buy books. I know this should be “easy,” but believe me, it isn’t. My mind doesn’t work that way, So, my wish would be to make my mind focus in on work instead of cute cat videos.

2. My second wish would be that the first draft could be perfect. 

Yeah, I know, but these are magic wishes, so I wish that my very first draft would be exactly the way the book turns out, after I slave over it for months and month. Wait, years and years. Whatever.

3. My final wish is I would actually have a writing career. BUT, that I could publish books on my own that would sell and I didn’t have to go through a publisher. I’ve self-pubbed and quite enjoyed the freedom it gave me so my final wish would be to build up a large following as a self-pubbed author.

If you don’t know, that’s the huge crowd rushing to buy my books. Or, something. 

Now go and check out what Bronwyn and Jessica‘s wishes are. Oh, and if you’re feeling it, leave me a comment telling me what your wish would be.

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