I can’t believe it’s the end of another month. The time is flying by so fast.

Okay, so I’ve been at my new job for 2 months and I still love it. I’ve been traveling more so that makes the time fly by. That combined with the meetings and before I know it the day is over and I’m heading home.

Sis and I have actually started exercising. I know, I’m stunned too. LOL! We’ve been walking about a mile each evening. It makes me sad that I’m so out of shape, but I am going to stick with this. 

On the writing front, I’m on the second chapter of a book I started during my lunchtimes. Tentatively, the title is Unleashing the Storm and I’m really getting into it. I am still working to finish Entangled, which is the one I’ve been working on, for what feels like, 86 years now. I still love the story, so that’s a huge positive for me. It’s just getting it right. I know the beginning isn’t right, so now that I’ve figured out what needs to happen I can fix a few things and finish it up. Yay!!

And there we go, now run out and check on Bronwyn, Jessica, Deelylah, and Torrance to see what they’re up to.

3 thoughts on “APRIL CHECK IN!

  1. I'm glad month 2 on the job has you still excited about it! That's so important. And…writing on your lunch? Oh. I need to do that. I was taking my plotting BuJo with me to work, but someone keeps popping into my classroom to ask me questions. Now that it's nicer, I can go outside or drive to a local park. I like that you're doing a new story on your lunch, too!!!

    About the other one you feel has been in-the-works for 86 years? *nods* Totally get that. Totally. Can't wait to read them!

    Go kick May's ass 😉


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