Yeah, so I’ll have to admit I’ve been procrastinating. The whole idea of an “ideal” date stumped me. I have no clue what to write since I don’t have any idea about the ideal. Oh wait, forgot, for your edification here’s Wednesday Male Hotness 

Okay, so back to the dilemma. Right now, I got no game so I’ve been putting this off in hopes that some kind of thought would pop into my head. Other than, “shit I still have to write that.” Then I realized I’m a writer . . . I have an imagination. Go figure. So here it is my perfect date/day.

Okay so the incredible man (unknown) but is abso perfect for me says he is going to take me something fabulous. Someplace I will love. With a flick of his fingers (he’s magical don’t you know) he instantly whisks me away to . . . Walt Disney World!!

We get to go into Magic Kingdom early and immediately head to my favorite ride Haunted Mansion

 We hit Pirates of the Caribbean

Head to Epcot for World Showcase

And generally spend the day doing all the amazing things we can. That evening, he snaps his fingers again and whisks me away to a fabulous home on a gorgeous beach. 

He fixes me an amazing meal and we snuggle together as we listen to the waves lap on the sand. Finally, we head to bed where we can still hear the ocean and feel the breeze.

And there it is, my ideal date. And I’m sure you weren’t expecting any of that since it would or could never happen. But hey I figured if I was going to imagine, I might as well go all the way. Right??

Now run over and check out what the other ladies consider an ideal date and I will see you next week! — Gwen

Jessica D

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