Random Wednesday Blog: Best School Memories . . . or the memories you think are great now that you’ve been out of school for a long, long time

Hello!! And welcome once again to the Randomness that is Wednesday. Today’s incredible topic is all about our best school memories. Huh, yeah, ummmm hmmmm, I didn’t really like school a whole lot. Stunning, since I’m a teacher, but there you have it. Oh!! First, let me share gratuitous male hotness.

Okay, so fav memories . . . yeah I went to a tiny catholic elementary school with the same 20 kids until 8th grade. It pretty much sucked! If you weren’t the perfectly cool kid then you were out. And believe me I wasn’t cool. So scratch those years. High School, yeah high school I went to a catholic all-girls school (sensing a theme?). Now I will admit that sophomore and junior years were pretty cool. I had a friend, Sherry, and somehow she and I ended up in every single class both years. Don’t know, don’t understand, but we did. We really did have a ton of fun. Senior year rolled around and it sucked. Big time!

I started college when I was about 24 or so when I started working for a local university. I loved college!!! The first class I took was a general history class and I was a 4.0 by the time I rolled out of it because I loved it so much. People kept telling me how hard the professor was, but if you studied (duh) you could pass. Because I worked full-time I could only take 2 classes a semester and it took me forever, but I loved it. I loved everything about college. I loved picking my classes, getting the books, going to class, taking notes, writing papers . . . you name it. And I was good at it. My Mom, bless her heart, was stunned, since I wasn’t a stellar student in high school. In fact, I passed by the skin of my teeth, as she used to say.

I got my degree in Liberal Studies since I wanted to study everything. I took Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Accounting, Theology, History . . . you name it, I took it and loved it. I even took an upper level history class taught by the head of the History Department. Dr. Mahoney was amazing. The university was built around her, I’m sure since she was quite old, but damn that woman knew stuff. She didn’t use notes or anything. She would just lean back against her desk, hold a cup of vanilla coffee, and talk. After the first test and let me tell you it was hard, but I kicked ass on it, I saw her at a wedding for a mutual friend. She asked me what I thought of the test so I told her it was a bit long since I couldn’t finish in the allotted time. Bam! Next test was shorter. She told me that she knew I had studied and was adult so we could talk about it. Loved her!!!!

Once I finished my undergrad, I immediately went for my Master of Arts in Teaching. I eventually went back AGAIN and I got a bachelor degree in communication. Not as fun since it was all online. I love going to school and being in the classroom. That’s probably why I loved being a teacher so much.

So there it is. My very favorite school memories.Now I’m going to fill you with sage advice. Go to school!! You will love it. Learning should be something we are engaged in all the time. Read and then read more. I love nonfiction books. I just finished The Wave and The Poisoners’ Handbook. Excellent reads!

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See you next week! –GC

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