Best and Worst: POV

Best & Worst

Today in our best and worst were talking about POV, or for the uninitiated, Point of View. There’s so many opinions about this one subject it’s crazy. If you go out onto the world of the Interwebz you’ll see people a ton of differing opinions on how this should be handled. Here’s just a few images I found on the subject:




Yeah, I could keep going since there’s so many, but I will not give you my fabulous opinion on the whole thing.

Okay, so head hopping. They’re right, head hopping can kill your novel, UNLESS you’re Nora Roberts/JD Robb. She has the skill and subtle touch to carry it off. She is the master at it. No one else, though.

Anyone else who tries to head hop always screws it up and makes a mess. I’m sure this opinion won’t be popular, but I love Nora Roberts. I love how she puts words together to make these awesomely descriptive sentences. So, I suppose that’s the Worst of POV.

Now, the best of POV. My very favorite to read is 3rd Person Omniscient. What’s that, you ask. It’s what pretty much every single book is written in now.  Normally, you have two people you follow around and see the stories through their eyes. You might have more, if the book is really long, but two or three is the best. Anymore than that, and the story gets confusing and the possibility of head hopping occurs.

First person is also popular, especially with Cozy Mysteries. I like this POV for cozies, but, once again, if it isn’t done well, first person doesn’t work. I especially don’t think it normally works for romance. Not unless the author is really good and can balance the internal stuff with action. Truthfully, I think one of the best first person POV romance I’ve read though are by one of my besties Jessica Jarman.  Her series called Albion’s Circle is amazing. I highly recommend them.

Now go and check out what my fellow bloggers think the best and worst of POV are.


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