April Photo Flash Fiction


This month’s picture is surely one that will inspire some interesting stories. I, on the other hand, stared blankly at it until two of my favorite flash fiction people Cara and Spencer popped into my head. I wrote something with them in December and January, so we’ll take another peek into their lives. Hope you enjoy it. Oh here’s the pic:



The gallery was packed. People gushed over the artist, the artwork, the food, even the clothes worn by the guests. The whole thing gave Cara a huge headache. Her cousin Stacy—no scratch that—Deerdrah, she’d changed her name since Stacy wasn’t the name of an artist. Cara thought that was stupid since her name was Stacy and she was the artist, but whatever. Anyway, Cara’s parents had insisted she attended Deerdrah’s opening.

And who the hell had come up with the spelling of Stacy’s new name? Cara was sure the ditzy woman would go on and on about how it reflected her personality blah blah blah. Stacy had talked incessantly since they were kids and she doubted she’d changed much since then.  Thankfully, she’d spent just long enough to let Stacy know she was there and to congratulate her. If she was lucky, Cara would get out before having to see any more of her family.

After the holiday fiasco, Cara now limited her involvement with her parents. They didn’t like the man she was engaged to and wanted her to break up with him. Cara didn’t care what they wanted. She was in love with Spencer. End of story.

Her phone signaled she had a text. From Spencer. Intrigued, she unlocked it and found he had given her directions to where he was in the gallery. Following his instructions, she rounded a wall and found him standing alone in a small alcove. Damn, he was hot, from the top of his six-four tattooed body to his feet Spencer was everything she wanted in a man. Stepping up to stand next to him, she focused on what he was looking at.

The photo was bizarre, to say the least. A female, maybe, doll with hair that defied gravity and streamed at an angle from the doll’s head had some kind of wires plugged into her back. In the background looked to be a jar with lights in it, at least, that’s what Cara imagined it was since the only thing in focus was the creepy doll silhouetted against the lights. The name of the piece was Rebirth.

“Wow,” Cara muttered. “That’s interesting.”

Spencer nodded. “Yeah, it’s something.”

“I haven’t really paid much attention to what’s hanging on the walls. Are they all like this?”

Spencer shook his head. “No, this one is probably the best out of everything.”

“Hmm, that’s too bad.”

He finally caught her gaze and smiled. “You want to know what’s worse? This is one of the few pieces that haven’t sold.”

Cara leaned into him and he slid his arm around her waist. They stood together and stared at the image a moment more.

“You know what’s really bad?” she asked, dropping her voice to a whisper.

“What?” he murmured against her ear.

“I think her parents have bullied a lot of people into buying this stuff.”

“Okay, that sucks.”

She laughed softly. “Yeah, could you imagine being stuck with this stuff? What would you do with it?”

He nuzzled her neck and she shivered. Without thinking, she tilted her head to give him more access. The man could turn her on without even trying and made her lose her head. Now here they stood, hidden from view of a crowd, and she didn’t care.

Spencer nudged her head up and took her lips in a kiss. His beard rubbed gently against her face as he slid his tongue into her mouth. The dual sensations made her legs shake. Cara ran her hands up his arms and locked them behind his head as he molded her body to his. The man made her lose her head, he was the only one to ever affect her in this way.

He pulled away but kept his arms around her as voices neared their hiding spot. When her parents appeared, they would just see Spencer holding Cara as they stared at the ugly photo on the wall. At least, that’s what Cara hoped they’d see.

She smiled pleasantly at her parents, though she still hadn’t forgiven them for the horrible Christmas dinner. She’d made it very clear to them that Spencer was the man she loved and they were engaged. If her parents chose to continue to act like jerks, Cara wouldn’t see the anymore.

“Mother,” Cara said.

“Cara, what did you two find?”

When she and Spencer stepped aside her mother and father studied the photo quietly. Finally, her mother shrugged.

“I don’t get this modern art. I suppose though if you two like it that’s all that matters.”

Cara started to object, but her father spoke, cutting her off.

“I’ll go talk to Deerdrah about it. I think it will make a nice wedding gift.”

Her parents moved off as she and Spencer looked at one another and began to laugh.


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