I was so excited when I saw this topic! Sis and I are always quoting movies to each other. When I mentioned the topic to her, she laughed and we went back and forth trading quotes. So, here are some in no particular order. 
1. This one just happened. We were at the Cincinnati Zoo and were walking through a large section where primates were supposed to be. Supposed, since we didn’t see any. So, of course, I tapped on a tree and pulled out the amazing Ian Malcolm.

2. Another of our favorite lines to quote is from Raiders of the Lost Ark. It’s a very small scene when Indie and Salah take the head piece of an old man who tells them what the markings mean. The quote we says is, “Come, come, sit, look, look here.” Here’s the full scene for your enjoyment.

3. Another favorite is from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. “Hold on lady, we going for a ride.” I love Short Round.

 4. I have a couple from GhostBusters that I love. This one scene has about 3 or 4 that I say. 

5. Of course, you can’t forget this one

6. And, I think the final one from GhostBusters. Abby was sitting on the table and Sis yanked on the tablecloth to get her off, saying, “And the flowers are still standing.”

 7. This is from the new GhostBusters and it’s so one of my favs because Patty is my fav. 


8. Anything from Star Wars is always an option when we talk. From “Use the force Luke” to “Stay on Target”. Pick a line any line

9. A favorite show of ours is Black Adder, especially the 2nd season. So many awesome lines from that. Our favorite to quote is the queen and her high pitched voice, “Edmund, did you bring me a pressie??” 

10. Finally, we come to Doctor Who. My very favorite doctor is of course Matt Smith. And my favorite line that we quote quite often:

And just for fun, my very favorite moment from the show.

Now go and check out what Bronwyn and Kris have to say on the subject.

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