There were so many great toys when I was growing up. Some, I wasn’t allowed to have, like the Easy Bake Oven. Bitter?? You bet I am. Every child needs a piece of equipment they can burn their fingers off with . . . right???

So, here are some of the toys I actually received

This one only lasted maybe a week before she stopped tumbling. I was so bummed.
This, my friends, was the original Barbie Dream House. I know you are so jealous, but, at the time, I thought it was amazing.

I loved this toy!! I carried him everywhere.

This is the doll to make up for my lack of Easy Bake Oven. She was pretty cool, but Mom didn’t let me use her all that often.

Yes, I know, how appropriate and Sis and I loved this game. We’d love to find it again. 

As I got just a bit older, Barbie ruled! Whoops, can’t forget the airplane. Yep, had that too.

These were some of the dolls I owned. The only one I still have is the bottom one. She was a gift from my dad.

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