Hello and welcome to the randomness that is Wednesday. For my first fabulous trick let me unveil Wednesday Male Hotness

*sigh* The pics always make my day start out brighter. You? Anyway, today we’re chatting about our writing strengths and weaknesses. I’ll start with my weaknesses since, for me, the downer stuff is so much easier to list. The reason is, I often focus on that stuff first. 

My weaknesses are my procrastination in writing. I’m sure you’ve noticed since I haven’t finished a book in . . . yeah, I’m embarrassed to even mention how long it’s been. I put it off and put it off and never get anything done. Next, when I do write I’m never satisfied. I have to keep going back and fixing. I will admit I’ve gotten better at this since I used to polish and polish . . . a first chapter. Yeah, can’t put those on the market. Last, I can’t stay focused on one project. I jump from book to book, which is another reason I never finish.

See, easy to do. I whipped those out in less than a minute. 

Okay, now for my strengths. First, I never lack for ideas. Dreams,  songs, a story someone tells me, it doesn’t matter. My mind instantly starts spinning a story. I’ve always done this, which is why my grades were so poor in school. I could sit and daydream an entire class away without hearing a word the teacher said. Second, it doesn’t hurt when I put on my editor hat to hack and slash through what I’ve written. I know that sometimes getting rid and rewriting is the best thing an author can do. I’m not so enamored of my own words that ever one is sacred. *snort* As if. Which leads me to my last strength. I can take criticism. In fact, I like it as long as it’s constructive. The only way I’ll ever get better is for someone with insight to give me guidance. And, as long as someone can give me a good excuse why something needs to be done, then I’m all on board. Like I said, I’m not so enchanted with my own words that I won’t change or delete. Hell the book I’m working on now has taken so long because I’ve basically rewritten the entire thing. 

So, there you have it. What I consider my writing strengths and weaknesses. Now, run and check out what the other bloggers have to say. And if you want to leave a comment below I read ever single one. See you next week! — Gwen

Jessica D


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