Hey! Welcome to the randomness that is Wednesday. First, let me share with you the awesome male hotness

Today, our subject is all about how writing affects my life and how my life affects my writing. Wow, this took some thought since I’ve always written. I’ve never NOT been a writer.

And, perhaps, that’s one of the affects. I don’t know what it means not to write. Not to look at the world and see stories. Not to dream wild dreams filled with vampires or wolves and wake up thinking, “Damn, that would make a good book.” Not to live half the life in my head having conversations with people that don’t exist on this plane. 

Does this make me crazy?? I don’t know. 

All I do know is this is the way I function as a writer. Or, maybe, half function. I know that if I’m deeply plotting a book I can go through most of a day and not even realize the time is passing. I can have conversations, watch TV, or read and really not participate in any of these things. It’s sort of like my body’s on auto-pilot, doing what it needs to do, but my brain is otherwise occupied with all the tenants that live in my imagination.

I get cranky if someone interrupts me when I’m writing, especially if it’s going really well. I will sometimes forget to eat or go to the bathroom. If I need to talk to someone I might tap one of my author friends before anyone else, because they understand. 

When the writing is going well then I am totally pumped and I can type like the wind. It’s like the words are pouring out of my fingers and onto the screen. Weeeeee!!! 

Then, of course, there are the times when it’s like pulling teeth. Every word is a chore and they all suck eggs. LOL!

No matter where I go, I take my laptop. There’s no such thing as “vacation” when you write. Because writing is a compulsion. If you’re a WRITER then you MUST write. So, the laptop must travel with me, no matter what. If I’m away from the story too long, I start to get . . . itchy. I need to be back to the keyboard letting the story out. Thankfully, my friends and sister understand this. I can disappear into whatever room, put on my headphones, and ignore them all. So, yeah, sometimes, I’m not very good company. 

Unfortunately, life will intrude. When that happens, I have to pull myself away from the story and be a real, grownup adult person. I hate that!! I have to wash my hair, fix it, wash my face, put makeup on, get dressed in real clothes (not sweatshirts and yoga pants), and leave the house. *sob* Sometimes, this is a good thing. It’s for a fun activity that doesn’t take forever. Or, I really needed to get out of the house because I’ve been by myself for way too long. 

When I start looking at the kitty adoption websites and picking out ALL the cats I could bring home, I close the laptop and take a drive. Usually, I hit Starbucks for a drink, get some fresh air, and talk to real people that others can see. 

So, yeah, if all of this sounds soooo appealing you are probably already a writer . . . or, should be one. Anyway, if you have thoughts or questions tag me in the comments below. Now run and check out what the other Blogger Girlz have to say on the topic.

Jessica D

See you all next week! — Gwen


  1. Getting in a car and driving. I've accomplished so much of my novel by thinking about it during the 15 minute drive to and from work. There is just something about driving that draws out my imagination. But then you had to mention the Starbucks thing and now I'm sad again that I can't drink coffee 😦


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