Random Wednesday: 5 Biggest Writing Distractions . . . or Really Here’s Why I Can’t Write . . . Really

Unfortunately, distractions are something we all have to deal with, no matter what career path you follow. But, if you’re a writer, they’re especially difficult since it’s so hard sometimes to get back into the story once you have to leave it. I’m sure there are people out there who will claim nothing distracts them . . . whatevs, they’re either fibbing or they’re Nora Roberts. 

Wait, before I jump in I need to post a pic of male hotness.

For me, these are my top 5 distractions . . . Oh, I’m sure they’re are many many more, but right now these are the ones that instantly come to mind.

1. The Cats – We have 4 of them and man oh man are they are distraction. I have The Wine Drinker running around getting into the tree, Disgruntled Kitty wanting to be on my lap ALL THE TIME, Abby just being generally cute, and then there’s Olivia. My sister calls her “little assface” and she is, but she’s also utterly adorbs. She does the cutest thing when she wants you to blow bubbles for her. Here it is:

See what I mean??? You’d blow bubbles for her too!

2. Facebook & Twitter – I get on both of these in the morning to check in with my readers and post stuff. But then it’s like a black hole and I fall in. At first, I’m all like, I’ll just post one thing then the next thing you know I’m taking quizzes and looking at knitting patterns. O_O OMG!! Make it stop.

3. Computer Games – I’m not a series gamer. I don’t play Worlds of War Craft or whatever. I play things like Bejeweled and hidden object games, but they suck me in and I just keep playing. I think I’ll play one game, then 1 game turns into an hour or two. 

4. Knitting – I love to knit and right now I’m working on this scarf for someone. It’s not a gift, just something I said I’d do. But sometimes the yarn calls and I find myself out there just knitting along pretending to watch TV or listen to music. It’s a sickness and I’m going to bet this will be on Bronwyn’s list too. 

5. Books – I saved this for last because this is the worst distraction of them all. I have huge stack of books sitting on my nightstand and 4 or 5 more in my closet. I love to read. I don’t care if the book is actually paper or on my Nook, it doesn’t matter. I just love to
 read. Right now I’m reading 1776 and it’s so good. I read a lot of non-fiction and the Revolutionary War is one of my fav periods.  

Huh, so that’s 5 already? Wow, I still had more distractions to talk about. Okay, well go check out the other Blogger Girlz and see what pulls them away from writing. Oh, and if you want, share with me what your distractions are. Maybe I can find some new hobbies. 🙂  

See you next week!! –GC

6 thoughts on “Random Wednesday: 5 Biggest Writing Distractions . . . or Really Here’s Why I Can’t Write . . . Really

  1. I forgot Books and Animals, though I suppose the animals fit into the 'family' section, lol. But Books… sheesh, you'd think I would have remembered them. I'll get caught up reading and man, it's like the next day when I come out of it. And yes, I'd blow bubbles for that cuteness too. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.


  2. Olivia is a little assface, but that doesn't mean she isn't cute. In between cuteness she hides and attacks the other cats. She skulks around and growls. Eventually I'll get video of Jude ordering her to go to her room. Jude even counts to 4 and Olivia scurries off grumbling the entire way. Just like a kid


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