Random Wednesday Blog: The First 5 Things I’d Buy If I Won a Million Dollars

Hello and welcome back to Random Wednesday Blog. Did you miss us??? I’m sure you did, I mean where else can you find such amazingly fun women along with male hotness???

Oh wait!!  I wasn’t supposed to post my husband’s pic. Okay, I’ll leave it there as long as none of you say anything. 😉 He’s shy, you know . . . .

Anyway, the topic being kicked around today by the Blogger Girlz is the first 5 things we’d buy if we won a million dollars . . . . Bwahahahahahaha

1. I am way boring so I would pay off all my bills. I have student loans coming out the wazoo . . . which is not a good place for student loans to come out of.

2. I really like my SUV so no new car, but I think I’d take it to a dealership and let them give it the star treatment. You know, really buff and shine and such. But I would get my sister a new car because she needs one.

3. I’d take a trip . . . to the most amazing place on Earth . . . that’s right . . . Walt Disney World

I love that place and I haven’t been in forever. So yeah I’m a kid at heart and I’d go and stay in the parks. Probably at the Contemporary since it has the monorail running through it. Major coolness.

4. I would rent a house on the beach maybe someplace like the Outer Banks. My sister and I are always talking about going there, but we never do. So yeah I’d rent a house for a week and invite the Blogger Girlz so we can get together and write and visit and eat and drink and . . . have a majorly good time.

5. I would build onto my house. Right now it’s my sister, 4 cats, and me and we need someplace a bit bigger. We don’t want to move, since that’s such a hassle, but if we built on we could each have large bedrooms as well as a much bigger living room and kitchen. Win win for us.

Okay nothing very stunning, other than my hubs up there, but beyond that I’m not all wild and crazy. I wouldn’t buy 7 cars or try to back pack around the world. Yeah, right, I couldn’t even make it out of my neighborhood without calling my sister to come pick me up.

If you are interested in what the other Girlz would spend their hard earned winnings on go check them out: Bronwyn, Jessica, Kris, Jenny, and Leigh

See you next week!! –GC

4 thoughts on “Random Wednesday Blog: The First 5 Things I’d Buy If I Won a Million Dollars

  1. Yes I am!! I'm currently working on the 3rd book now. It's called Dangerous Promise and it's all about Grimm and his girl. As soon as it's ready to be released I will for sure make the big announcement. Thanks for asking!!


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