NaNoNeNow . . . Na Nu Na Nu??

November is apparently the month in which to write a novel. I know, I know, you’re thinking but people write all the time. But it’s like OFFICIALLY the month. Somebody somewhere a billion years ago declared November the national month to write a book. It even has a spiffy sounding title, though for the life of me I can never remember what it is. The whole point of this is to write 50,000 words in a month. I’ve thought about doing it in the past, but never really got on the bandwagon. My reasons are endless, but the main one was I was a classroom teacher and didn’t have the time or energy to put into anything other than teaching. Now, though, I am a museum educator. I’m still a teacher, but don’t have all those pesky teacher things to deal with . . . say for instance, kids. So this year I could do this. I could, but wasn’t planning on it until the phone call.

Last night, my bestie Jessica Jarman called me and told me she was doing this novel in a month deal. The reason? A challenge . . . she was challenged by her daughters! Her thirteen year old tossed it out first and then the eleven year old joined the fray. Hello? Who wants to be whooped up on by two kids? The oldest asked if I was doing it and Jess asked me to join them. To sweeten the pot we decided to throw a reward out for the one who writes the most words. Each week we are donating money toward a Starbucks gift card to the person who writes the most. Oh, baby, I am there!!! I love Starbucks. I live for Starbucks. So who’s going to be writing a novel in a month? This girl is! Hell, I might even write 2, you never can tell with Starbucks as a motivator. So I will say may the best person win, but I already know it’s me. So I guess the
best person will win. Heh!

10 thoughts on “NaNoNeNow . . . Na Nu Na Nu??

  1. I wanna join the new year 2012 giveaway but the blog seems to be stuck in time 2011…

    well… Happy New Year 2012

    I would like to have
    1. contact point
    2. blood bond

    from your backlist…



  2. Hello, I am on a mission to post on 6 blogs for a contest, But I must say that Starbucks can inspire for anything.
    Sitting in the area after a cup of coffee and watch the people. That will help with finding inspiration and the great drinks will fund the energy!
    Kim A


  3. I am new to the ebook romance genre and would love to try a variety of authors so I
    thought this contest would be a great place to try and win a Kindle and 2 books from
    each of you. Since I am not familiar with your work yet I would hope to read
    something that is closest to M/M as that is my favorite reading area. Thank you.



  4. Hello there Gwendolyn!
    I hope it's ok to post here for the 'Ring in the New Year' contest..
    Either way I will take this chance to tell you that I enjoy your work & look forward to reading more regardless of winning this GREAT contest or not 🙂
    The 2 books I chose are “Be Mine” & “Waters of Fate (The Fey). Thank you for giving us this opportunity to win goodies!
    Happy New Year!
    Ava VonGiebel-Santagada


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