Midweek Thoughts

So here I sit on a quiet Wednesday night. Don’t know where any of my loser cats are, they’re usually lounging around on the bed with me. But for a change, I’m alone. Wooo, for me. I was going to watch Mythbusters, but decided I would write instead. I opened the file on my current book and stared at it. You know what the biggest pain is for me as a writer? During the day at my other job I’m playing out scenes in my head. I can hear conversations between my characters, word for word. But by the time I make it home and do all the things I have to do . . . it’s gone. Jeez louise, this whole working thing totally cramps my style. My friend and writing partner Jessica Jarman and I often discuss winning a huge lottery, but then we realize we would probably have to play to win. As with most things, we’d have to remember to get a ticket and that doesn’t happen very often. Oh we talk a big stick about what we would do with the money. Buy, rent, whatever a beach house and live near the water all summer long. That’s our big dream other than becoming huge Nora Roberts-esque best selling authors. I figured we could so do both and learn to adapt to our new life styles. But, once again, we’d have to buy that ticket . . oh and win. That’s the other thing we’d so have to do. *sigh* Yep, I guess I’ll keep my day job at the museum and keep writing at night. But if anything changes, believe me, I will certainly let everyone know. *bg*


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