Packing to hit the road


Our question today is really great. If you could pack up and go on vacation today where would you be off to?

The answer really depends on how I’m getting to my chosen vacation spot. If I’m driving then my answer would probably be Colonial Williamsburg. Yep, I’m a big old history nerd. I love CW!! It’s so much fun and there’s tons of stuff to see and do. Also, it’s maybe about 10 hours away so not a big deal to drive it.





Those are just a few pics from our last trip. I’ll have new ones to post in the next few months since we’re off to CW again!! Can’t wait.

Now, if I’m flying and it’s in the continental US then I would go to the Pacific Northwest. I loved Washington State. It was so beautiful!! I’d get a little place on the beach and stay there for about a month. *sigh*


Finally, if I could fly anywhere you already know where I’d go. Scotland!!!!! I’d stay there for about 2 or 3 months so I could go and see everything. Oh, and touch Hadrian’s Wall.

Okay, so really, how could anyone turn Scotland down?And those were just a few amazing pictures I found. I could post the pic of the Wall again . . . Oh hell why not


*sigh* I love it! Oh and that’s where I’d go if I could pack up right now and head out. Now go and see where the other bloggers want to go.

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July 2018 Top Ten!

07-Top 10_ Things I'd Want if I Were Trapped on a Deserted Island

Welcome to the randomness that is the Wednesday blog. This week is a really awesome top 10 and it’s something that I’ve thought about before. So, here, in no particular order, are the things I’d want/need/require if I were trapped on a deserted island.

First, I’d have to have books. Tons and tons of books. I love to read so what better way to pass the time than reading.


Second, I’d have to have my laptop. I would finally have time to write in quiet so why waste it?

Next, I’d have to have music. I couldn’t survive without it. And have you noticed nowhere on this list is food or a place to sleep. Yeah, a girl has her priorities.

Third, finally, is a comfortable shelter. Like this:


Number 4 a magical kitchen that would just give me food. I can cook, but don’t like to so a kitchen that just makes me food would be a must.

#5 I would want to have my kitten with me. I can’t imagine going anywhere without her.

Six, a hunky man to do all the heavy lifting and such. Oh and to keep the above pool clean. Ummmm, someone like


Huh, is it getting hot in here? *fanning* Anyway, what number am I on???

Seven, I’m on seven. I would want my crafting projects. Especially my knitting and cross stitch. After I’ve written and read, and done whatever with Jason I would love to spend a quiet evening doing cross stitch. And yes, that’s what we all call it.

#8 – A cell phone to call my friends.

Nine is wine! I would want to have yummy wine on my island of pleasure.

And finally, number ten a huge boat so I could bring my sister and friends in to visit.




July Wordless Wednesday


Welcome to July! Can you believe the year is half over?? Crazy!! This month I’m going to share all of my craft projects. I love to craft, but, as I tell people, I’m the Jill of all trades, Mistress of none. I make jewelry, my own soap and lotion, embroider, knit, and now I’ve taken up cross stitch. Amid all this, my Sis and I make Halloween and Yule decorations and we create fairy houses. Right now, we’re working on a miniature haunted house. Oh and wreaths . . . don’t get me started on those. Around the holidays I’ll share pics of our . . . 7 or 8 wreaths, maybe more. Anyway, here are some of my craft projects and supplies.














Top 10 List for April

04-Top 10_ Things I Want Accomplished 10 Years from Now

Welcome to the top 10 list for April. As always, this list is in no particular order and, it could be, there won’t even be 10. Let’s get started and see how this goes.

1. I would, at least, have published another book by then. *eye roll* And, yes, this was a dig at myself for not getting my ass in gear, but seriously . . . I would like to have a solid 10 books published. One book a year sounds doable to me.

2. I want to have my bills paid off all the way. And, maybe, have a new car.


3. I want to go to Scotland and touch Hadrian’s Wall. This has been my dream forever, so I want to be able to look back in 10 years and know that I’ve been there, done that, and have a rock to show for it.


4. I would love to have a solid retirement fund set up. Yeah, I know, boring, but it’s something we all have to think about. Unless I can win the lottery, then, HELL YEAH!!!


5. I would like my book(s) to be on someone’s best seller list. Doesn’t have to be the New York Times (though it would be nice), but I’d like to see someone say it’s a best seller.

6. I’d really like to have taken an Alaskan cruise.


7. Oh and since I’m on a best seller list then I’d like to be making good, consistent money from my books. Go me!

8. I would love to have a handle on my depression and not have it affect me so dramatically.

9. I want to be back in shape and actually making exercise an important part of my life. I think if I can do this, then number 8 might be doable.

10. I know you’ll think this is me being funny, but I really want every room in my house to have a new coat of paint. I say this because I’ve been in this house . . . almost 14 years and there are rooms that still have the original paint the builder put on them. *head hanging in shame* I’ve been busy!! And, if you ask any of my friends, I have a horrible time picking paint colors. I will paint a billion color patches on the walls and finally my friends will start to vote for the color they like best.

And, there you have it, my list of 10 and yay there’s actually 10. Now go check out and see what my amazing friend Bronwyn wishes to accomplish.


Monthly Check-in for March


Here we are at the end of another month. I can’t believe it’s almost April. The year is flying by at a stupid amount of speed. I can’t believe this weekend is Easter already. So crazy!

Anyway, I think March was a pretty awesome month, if I do say so myself.

I actually blogged every single time this month. Woo hoo!!!! Counting this post, that’s a whooping 7 times!! All in one month. I know! I’m stunned too.

Another huge accomplishment is this website!!! I have procrastinated for so long about getting one. I knew I needed one since just the blog wasn’t doing what I wanted. Also, it was starting to act all buggy. The big issue is the last time I had a website I spent so much time messing with it. I think I redid the thing 5 or 6 times and hated it every single time. It got to be this huge thing that sucked all the joy out of life. Finally, I said, “Screw it.” And just let it go.

Thankfully, I have amazing friends. First, Jessica kept texting me going, “Dude, your blog is a pain in the ass.” My pat response was, “I’m doing research on what hosting company to use.” Now, Jess has known me a really long time and she knew very well that was a flipping lie. So, Bronwyn texted me. Now I had 2 of them. I finally broke down and settled on WordPress with the amazing Bronwyn telling me she would fix the site for me.  This was my first reaction:


Then, I did this:


Needless to say, I love my new site. It’s beautiful and so easy to use.

Next month, I plan to once again blog every single time we’re scheduled. I’m also going to work on Entangled. I know, I know. I keep saying that, but think of it like the website. I kept saying that too and now it’s here. So I have a really good feeling about April and the book.

Head on over to check-in with my amazing writer friends:

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