New Year, New Me . . . or something like that

self care

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Self Care. Not a new concept. Especially since there’s a butt load of books out there talking about this very topic. Unfortunately, it’s a new idea for me. I’m sure I’m like most women and put everything else first. Job, family, friends . . . doesn’t matter. Everyone and everything comes first while I come in dead last every single time.

I was having this discussion with a friend of mine, Anne (who my sister calls The Goddess Anne). We were both talking about just how not good we felt. We were tired, not just body tired, but mind, spirit, soul deep tired. She’d been through a lot of crap in the last couple years and my battle with depression is an ongoing thing.

Thankfully, Anne and I work together and she’s my port in a storm. We talk about anything and everything and over our daily chats we both realized that we need to start putting ourselves first. It was an imperative to take this step. So, we declared 2019 The Year of Self Care.

I always think about it in a sentence with capital letters starting each word. It makes it more important and momentous. Thinking about it this way also pushes how important this step is. Self Care isn’t just a buzz word, it’s an act I need to think about and take seriously. As seriously as I took my college classes and teaching.

So, throughout this year I’m going to be blogging about the whole idea of Self Care. What it means to me, the steps I’m taking, my triumphs and, I’m sure, failures. No matter what, though, this is a journey I’m sticking with. I have to stick with. I really do believe it’s the way to get healthier. Healthier in my body, my mind, and most especially in my spirit.

I hope you’ll join me and share what you do for Self Care or, if nothing else, follow me as I go on this amazing and a tad scary journey of putting myself first.

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