April 2019 Brain Dump

new brain dump

I have a lot on my mind this month and it all has to do with self-care. I declared 2019 the Year of Self Care and I’ve been working on that. I had intended to post on it frequently, but, realized, I needed to take care of myself before I talked about it. Huh, how about that?

I’ve been taking steps and did want to share those with y’all. First, I did all the medical things I’ve been putting off pretty much forever. So far this year I’ve gone for a pap smear and had my very first colonoscopy. Eeeeesh! Both of these were yuck for different reasons. The colonoscopy’s prep is miserable. I won’t go into detail, but just suffice to say it sucked. The procedure wasn’t bad since I slept through it, but the recovery has been hard. I feel like the desert and can’t get enough water. This is still going on after 2 days. And I just feel woozy and yucky, which is the anesthetic working it’s way out of my system.

The pap was worse. If you didn’t know I’m a survivor of sexual abuse so to say it’s hard is putting it mildly. Let’s just say the whole things sucked a big old bunch of donkey balls and we’ll leave it at that.

So, for positive steps. I found a really great meditation app I’ve been using called Stop, Breath, and Think. I really like it and it’s helped a lot. I was also turned on to a website by a really awesome friend of mine called the Pussy Portal. It’s this huge educational tool to help a woman regain her power and get healthy. I’ve been going through the classes and utterly love it. I think in this time of the #MeToo movement this website is so needed.

I’ve also been writing. So, yay for me!!! Reclaiming my power in a different way. If you have any questions about things I’ve done please leave me a comment below or email me at gwendolyncease@twc.com.



Looking back & Moving forward


Here we are at the start of another year. I can honestly say I’m really glad 2018 is gone. It wasn’t the best year on record. The depression, an ever present thing, was more present than ever. My day job was a total bear at times and my writing was non-existent.

BUT . . . that was 2018.

2019 is totally different. It is The Year of Self Care! If you wanna know more about this check out the blog post from Tuesday and it will tell you all about it. Anyway, as it is the Year of Self Care part of that will be taking my writing back. I had decided on this right after Christmas. In preparation, I was going to email the publishing house that held my Promises Series and ask for it back. There were changes and additions and fixes I wanted to make and, to do this, I needed to own it again.

The universe must have heard because when I went out to the site they had closed up shop. I was stunned as I hadn’t received a notice about it. I checked in with Bronwyn and she hadn’t heard about it either, but she suggested I check in with them to make sure my books were now mine again.

Yes they are!!!!! This totally kicks off the Year of Self Care with a vengeance. So, this year I am going to work to get the books released again, plus finish, at least, 2 other books. I know big goals, but that’s what this year is about. I’m also going to blog every time. I always say I’m going to “try” to blog, but yeah like Yoda says “Do or do not, there is no try.” So smart.

I’m also going to be more present and take better care of myself. I’m going to put me first. I know, scary concept. But this whole thing is one day at a time.

Tell me what your goals for the new year are and go out and see what Jessica, Kris and Bronwyn say is their goals.

Top 10 List for April

04-Top 10_ Things I Want Accomplished 10 Years from Now

Welcome to the top 10 list for April. As always, this list is in no particular order and, it could be, there won’t even be 10. Let’s get started and see how this goes.

1. I would, at least, have published another book by then. *eye roll* And, yes, this was a dig at myself for not getting my ass in gear, but seriously . . . I would like to have a solid 10 books published. One book a year sounds doable to me.

2. I want to have my bills paid off all the way. And, maybe, have a new car.


3. I want to go to Scotland and touch Hadrian’s Wall. This has been my dream forever, so I want to be able to look back in 10 years and know that I’ve been there, done that, and have a rock to show for it.


4. I would love to have a solid retirement fund set up. Yeah, I know, boring, but it’s something we all have to think about. Unless I can win the lottery, then, HELL YEAH!!!


5. I would like my book(s) to be on someone’s best seller list. Doesn’t have to be the New York Times (though it would be nice), but I’d like to see someone say it’s a best seller.

6. I’d really like to have taken an Alaskan cruise.


7. Oh and since I’m on a best seller list then I’d like to be making good, consistent money from my books. Go me!

8. I would love to have a handle on my depression and not have it affect me so dramatically.

9. I want to be back in shape and actually making exercise an important part of my life. I think if I can do this, then number 8 might be doable.

10. I know you’ll think this is me being funny, but I really want every room in my house to have a new coat of paint. I say this because I’ve been in this house . . . almost 14 years and there are rooms that still have the original paint the builder put on them. *head hanging in shame* I’ve been busy!! And, if you ask any of my friends, I have a horrible time picking paint colors. I will paint a billion color patches on the walls and finally my friends will start to vote for the color they like best.

And, there you have it, my list of 10 and yay there’s actually 10. Now go check out and see what my amazing friend Bronwyn wishes to accomplish.