June 2019 Wordless Wednesday


Welcome to what is supposed to be a wordless post, but never it. Yep, this is the way I roll. Anyway, below you’ll find a selection of pics from the last couple months. Most, will of course, have my cat Maeve in them, since she’s just so damn cute. Also, if you want to see my pictures on a regular basis (yes they too will have Maeve, but other stuff too) you can follow me on Instagram at @gwencease .


Abby looking cute. Check out the side-eye Maeve gives me. Sassy cat. The outside of the American Dollhouse Museum


I can’t believe someone has the patience to do this


Isn’t this miniature amazing??







Bronwyn       Kris       Siobhan

Wordless Wednesday February 2019


I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for Wordless Wednesday . . . other than not be wordless, obviously. Then I thought about just how gray and horrible it’s been here for days and days. It either snows or rains (usually rains) pretty much every day. So, yeah, it’s time for beautiful flower pics. The pics are from botanical gardens I’ve visited over the last few years. Enjoy!






Jessica     Bronwyn     Siobhan    Kayleigh



November 2018 Wordless Wednesday


Welcome to Wordless Wednesday! If you know anything about me you know I can’t post anything without chatting. I mean, I wouldn’t want you to sit and look at pics without knowing where the hell we are. Though, if you’re a history geek like I am, you could probably guess. If you’re not, the pics below are all from Colonial Williamsburg just a few short weeks ago. We had so much fun!! If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it.





Bronwyn Green      Jessica Jarman       Siobhan Muir

July Wordless Wednesday


Welcome to July! Can you believe the year is half over?? Crazy!! This month I’m going to share all of my craft projects. I love to craft, but, as I tell people, I’m the Jill of all trades, Mistress of none. I make jewelry, my own soap and lotion, embroider, knit, and now I’ve taken up cross stitch. Amid all this, my Sis and I make Halloween and Yule decorations and we create fairy houses. Right now, we’re working on a miniature haunted house. Oh and wreaths . . . don’t get me started on those. Around the holidays I’ll share pics of our . . . 7 or 8 wreaths, maybe more. Anyway, here are some of my craft projects and supplies.














Wordless Wednesday … As If


As always, this is wordless, but that’s never going to happen. Anyway, I was struggling with what pics to use then Sis and I went to the Cincinnati Art Museum. The place is awesome and I took a ton of images to share. The only floor we didn’t hit was the 3rd and that’s because it’s modern art. *gag* It always looks like something my students could do. So not impressed.

Here are pictures of the things I loved at the museum:


The museum had a Terracotta Army exhibit. We didn’t go in, but I did get a picture of one of the pieces.





This is the only painting I took a pic of. I love it! The man is so beautiful


I love this bowl!! Tiny turtles!



Quan Yin is one of the goddesses I call too. I was so excited to see a statue of her.



I loved this decorative element. So beautiful.



I truly wish I could do this piece of art justice, but it was impossible. It was an entire room that was wall to wall and floor to ceiling based on, I believe, the entrance chamber in a home. I should have taken a panoramic video of it. I’ll do that the next time I go.

I hope you liked the images. There was so much more. The museum is really wonderful and, if you get the chance, you should go. The best thing, it’s free!! Not the Terracotta exhibit, but all the rest of it.

Now go see what Bronwyn, JessKris and Siobhan have to show you.